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Ball head pliers for mounting and dismounting the ball heads. The rods can be held by means of a notch and the ball heads can be easily screwed on. Nylon ball heads can be squeezed sensitively with the pliers to achieve a higher smoothness. No more crushing or damaging the ball heads. Can also be used with ball heads that are difficult to access due to their thin tips.
  • Length 140 mm

  • for ball heads from 4.8 - 5.0 mm

Donau Electronics was grounded in 1982 in Deggendorf, Germany and offers a wide assortment of high quality tools. They began with the production of pliers, files, thread cutters and screw drivers all the way to solder, soldering guns, and different types of silicon wiring. Everything needed to equip every RC Hobbyist for their RC project!


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