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The Blade 330 S fits perfectly between the collective pitch Sensation Blade® 230 S V2 and the high-performance 360 CFX models to take advanced pilots to the next level of experience. This next level is helped by features such as a new, modern, robust design, an easy-to-fly Blade SAFE® Helicopter Firmware, a new rotor head, a new main frame and an optimized propulsion system. The digital metal gear servos Spektrum ™ H3055 and H3065 offer precise response and durability, while the carbon fiber main blades provide precise flight performance. Both the Ready-to-Fly and the Bind-N-Fly ™ Basic versions are equipped with a Smart ESC. The RTF version also includes a Smart battery and a Smart charger to deliver important telemetry data via the Smart ESC without additional modules or cables. With the latest and best tuned SAFE programming available to date, the 330 S in stabilisation and panic mode enables pilots to consistently expand their capabilities. The 330 S has been designed for advanced to experienced helicopter pilots to take on advanced manoeuvres with a perfectly tuned machine with innovative Smart and SAFE® technology.

- Panic Fashion
Return quickly to a neutral position at the touch of a button if you lose your bearings or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

- Metal Cyclic Gear Servo
Durable high-speed digital servos provide the precise and powerful control every helicopter pilot craves.

- Progressive flight modes
Stability Mode - Limited altitude with self-levelling flight attitude.
3D Mode - Increases the flip and roll rate for 3D functions.

- Collective Pitch Rotor System
The rotor mechanism of the 330 S has been designed to give you just the right amount of maneuverability to learn aerobatics and inverted flight.

Technical data

Hauptr.-Ø (mm): -
Heckr.-Ø (mm): -
Länge (mm): -
Höhe (mm): -
Gewicht (g): -
empf.Motor: beinhaltet
empf.Akku: 3S/2200 mAh Lipoly
Ausführung: BNF - BIND N FLY
Bauerfahrung Anfänger

Box Contents

- Fully assembled Blade 330 S Heli
- instruction manual


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