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The Blade® Fusion ™ 360 complements the Fusion helicopter series and redefines the performance of a BNF helicopter in the 300 class. In the popular 360 size, Blade has redesigned the Fusion 360 to combine high-end components, an improved propulsion system and other features in a carbon fiber-aluminum construction. This beast features innovative Spektrum™ technology, from the new Spektrum 3055 and 3065 servos with optimized servo geometry to the new groundbreaking Spektrum 6250 HX flybarless system. This new flybarless controller offers advanced adaptive flight control algorithms, forward programming, 6-axis MEMS inertial sensor, high-speed low-latency operation, two satellite receiver ports for diversity, and an aluminum enclosure that suppresses vibration.

A HobbyWing 60A Platinum controller for 6S power is pre-installed and pre-programmed. The Brushless 2221-1800Kv external rotor delivers impressive head speeds via the helical spur gear for powerful and efficient power transmission to the rotor, whose performance at this size surpasses anything previously seen from Blade. The new carbon and aluminium design raises frame stiffness to a new level for an absolutely precise flying experience. The new carbon fiber main rotor blades increase efficiency and performance through improved aerodynamics. A new oversized tail tube eliminates rear struts and is crowned by a new CNC-milled aluminum rear gearbox housing that improves vibration damping and performance. The painted carbon fiber rear fin and GRP hood offer the dynamic Fusion look that looks energetic even on the ground. This great re-design comes as a BNF Basic package, as Blade customers expect, pre-assembled and ready to fly.

The Blade Fusion 360 is the next generation of the Fusion-Heli series. In the popular 360 size, Blade has redesigned the Fusion 360 with high-end components, improved performance and a new flybarless controller in mind.

-BNF-Basic User friendliness
-2221 - 1800Kv Brushless external rotor
-Spektrum™ 6250 HX Flybarless Controller with two ports for Satellite Receiver
-Hobbywing 60A Platinum ESC with new IC3 connector
-Range 3055 and 3065 Servos
-Optimized servo geometry
-lacquered GFK hood and rear fin
-carbon fiber landing skids
-Optimized and lightened main frame
-Forward Programming
-CNC Main rotor blade holder
-black anodized metal parts
-Thick tail boom and a new CNC rear gearbox housing
-Highly visible canopy and tail fin colour scheme
-Improved main rotor blade design

Technical data

Main rotor-Ø : 796 mm
Tail rotor-Ø : 475 mm
Length : 685 mm
Height : 190 mm
Weight : 915g
Rec. Engine : included
Rec. Battery : 6S 1300-1800mAh
Version : BNF - BIND N FLY
Fly / Build : 21.jpg

Box Contents

- (1) The Bind-N-Fly® version of the Fusion 360 includes:
- (1) 350mm carbon fiber main rotor blades
- (2) 65mm plastic tail rotor blades
- (1) Spectrum 6250HX Flybarless Flight Controller
- (1) Factory installed Spectrum 4649T 2.4GHz DSMX® Receiver with Telemetry
- (1) Brushless Outrunner Motor, 1800Kv
- (1) Brushless 60A ESC
- (3) Sub-Micro Digital Metal Geared Heli Cyclic Servos
- (1) Sub-Micro Digital Metal Geared Heli MG Servo
- (1) Instruction manual
- Professionally adjusted by our team pilots and product developers!


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