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The Blade Trio 360 CFX is the 3-blade crowned brother of the popular 360 CFX. It has a redesigned servo geometry and is so tough that it can go through any 3D maneuver imaginable. Its high-voltage drive is the absolute power source, can be called up precisely and is perfect for handling. The design is well thought-out and designed for easy maintenance. Combined with the tuned Spektrum AR7210BX receiver, the Blade Trio 360 CFX becomes the dream of any advanced pilot. Hardcore 3D pilots experience a completely new 3D feeling with incomparable cyclical and collective pitch performance. But also pilots who want to be more stylistically confident will get their money's worth. With more stability, especially at slow flight speeds, you have more freedom to try and find the right settings.

  • 3-blade rotor head for a completely new 3D feeling
  • Optimized servo geometry
  • Lightweight and robust construction with CNC aluminium and CFRP parts
  • Castle Creations Talon 35 HV controller
  • Robust digital servos with metal gear, high-speed
  • Spektrum AR7210BX Flybarless Controller with BeastX technology
  • Optimized for 6S
  • Oversized, hardened main shaft with triple ball bearing support

Technical data

Main rotor-Ø : 790 mm
Tail rotor-Ø : 175 mm
Length : 670 mm
Height : 215 mm
Weight : 1890 g
Rec. Engine : included xNova 4020-1000KV
Rec. Battery : 6S Lipoly
Version : BNF - BIND AND FLY
Fly / Build : 32.jpg

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