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Consistently designed and tested for tough competition. The ideal machine in the 700 size, for every pilot, for every flying style. The LOGO 700 is the worthy successor of the LOGO 700 XXtreme.
The proven mechanics are used:

  • Arrow-toothed gearbox with smaller, lighter spur gear, with steeper arrow angle (136 teeth, 25°) for the narrower silhouette, for less weight and for optimised running noise
  • Belt transmission gearing for angular drive of the robust rigid drive
  • rigid drive
  • robust angle drive to the tail rotor, in a fully encapsulated tail rotor housing - even lighter, less maintenance, and perfectly protected from dust and dirt.
  • The new 4-part chassis made of fiber-reinforced plastic is lighter and more torsion-resistant than a conventional chassis made of carbon plates and aluminum connectors.
  • The advantages at a glance:
  • Installation, maintenance and repair costs are minimized.
  • The upper chassis halves accommodate the complete mechanics with motor, controller and servos. The servos are installed directly in the chassis, at the optimum angle to control the swashplate.
  • The lower elements accommodate the new quick-change battery system already known from the LOGO 500/600 models. The batteries are fastened inline on battery plates, which are held by two quick-release fasteners.
  • The sensible separation of the chassis halves increases the chances that in the event of a crash only the substructure needs to be replaced quickly and at low cost.
  • The chassis has a generously dimensioned support surface for speed controllers, the opening in it provides air supply to the controller from all sides.
  • A mounting option for CPU fans is integrated in the chassis, so that motor cooling can be installed directly if required.
  • Cable guides inside allow clean and protected routing of the lines to the controller and to any telemetry.
  • Prepared installation spaces for telemetry sensors, e.g. battery ID for VBar Control.
  • The intelligent design also allows maintenance/replacement of the rear right-angle gearbox in the chassis without having to dismantle the chassis completely.
  • The rigid drive also makes the model easy to disassemble if you want to travel with the model to competitions, for example.
  • The newly designed rotor head has become lighter and more filigree without losing the very good flight and control characteristics and the robustness of the previous head.
  • With standard components and 5,000 mAh battery, a take-off weight from 5,300 g is possible

Technical data

Main rotor-Ø : 1570 mm
Tail rotor-Ø : 105 mm
Length :
Height :
Weight : 5300 g
Rec. Engine : Scorpion 4525-520 Kv Ultimate
Rec. Battery : 12S/5000 mAh Lipoly
Version : KIT - BAUSATZ
Fly / Build : 33.jpg
Bauerfahrung Profi

Box Contents

  • kit
  • Airbrush GRP hood
  • VTX Carbon rotor blades 697 mm
  • carbon tail rotor blades, 105 mm


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