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In 2011, SAB took the RC-Heli community by storm with the introduction of the Goblin700. Worldwide countless first places and competition titles were flown with the Goblin series from SAB. Eight years later it is time for another unique Heli Revolution. We are proud to present you the brand new Goblin Kraken.

With the Goblin Kraken a new standard in RC-Heli design is defined again.
Goblin Kraken Top Features
-encapsulated main gearbox - extremely quiet - extremely durable
-Modular gear stages - Extremely easy to maintain
-Main rotor shaft made of new special steel alloy with flanged freewheel
-gear stage derived from the main gear for rear belt drive
-New ultra light rotor head made of 7075 aluminium
-rotor head damping freely selectable
-new rear gearbox - 22% lighter than previous versions
-new rear and hood design with integrated frame structure
new rear mounting with quick-release fastener
-The entire concept is extremely robust, easy to maintain and crash resistant.

Technical data
-Rotor diameter: 1558mm (with 690mm rotor blades)
-Maximum usable rotor blade length: 730mm
-tail rotor diameter: 284mm (with 105mm tail blades)
Maximum length of rear blades used 115mm
-weight: approx. 3820g equipped ready to fly but without drive battery
Weight Airframe: 2680g (with rotor blades without drive & electrics)
-Recommended drive battery: 12S LiPo with 4.200mAh to 6.000mAh
-Required TS Servos: 40mm
Required tail servo: 40mm
-Possible gear reductions: 12.1 : 1 to 8.8 : 1
Reduction ratio included in kit: 21z - 10,4 : 1
-Rear gear ratio: 5.0 : 1 or 4.8 : 1
Rear reduction included in kit: 27z - 4,8 : 1
-Recommended engine/ESC setup: Engine 480KV to 560KV of series 4525/4530 / ESC approx. 160A HV
-Maximum dimensions of the motor: diameter 62mm / height 70mm
-battery bay: 56mm x 70mm x 320mm
-Receiver battery 12S (2x 6S) with 1400g up to 1700g

The Goblin Kraken Kit contains

Heli kit with ready painted CF body parts
21z Pulley for motor
690mm SAB Thunder Blades
105mm SAB Thaunder Tail Blades

Needed separately:
Motor, controller, rechargeable battery, RC system with FBL system and servos

Technical data

Main rotor-Ø : 1558 mm with 690 mm rotor blades
Tail rotor-Ø : 284mm (with 105mm rear blades)
Length : 1322 mm
Height : 345 mm
Weight : approx. 3820g without battery
Rec. Engine : 480KV bis 560KV der Serie 4525/4530
Rec. Battery : 12S 56mm x 70mm x 320mm
Version : KIT - BAUSATZ
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