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For the first time you have the possibility to fly an F3C model with exactly the same settings as the current F3C world champion Ennio Graber. The Urukay WC Edition incorporates all the features used by the first and second placed F3C World Champions in their machines. Exactly this version occupied 1st and 2nd place with pilot Enio Graber and Hiroki Ito.

Urukay WC Edition - Changes compared to standard model
- 1,5mm Carbon Frame
- ESC top position
- Rotor system with new damping + center piece
- F3C WC Blades
- Quck Battery System
- Contrast-optimised colouring
- Ultralight Canopy
- Ultarlight Boom

- Rotor diameter: 1654mm (730mm rotor blades)
- 2-blade F3C Head - Type H1049BM-S Centre plate
- Rotor blade length: up to 750mm
- Tail rotor diameter 284mm
- tail rotor blade length: 105mm
- Main rotor shaft: 12mm
- Tail rotor shaft: 6mm
- Blade bearing shaft: 10mm
- Reduction ratios 8.6-11.9:1
- Battery slot: 75 x 58 x350mm
- Total weight without flight battery: 4190g
-different pinion sizes available in 6 and 8mm bore
-Integrated Tail Fin

recommended accessories (not included)
- STANDARD swashplate servos (40mm)
- STANDARD tail servo (40mm)
- 120A to 160A Speed governor
- Motor max DIA 64mm x height 64mm
- Flight battery 75x58x350mm

The advantages at a glance
- large rotor diameter - up to 750mm rotor blades can be used
- newly developed rotoblade WC Blades
- low wing loading for elegant flying manoeuvres
- extremely good directional stability for high speeds
- pleasing streamlined lines
- particularly good visual perceptibility
- the model converts speed particularly well in height (upward figures)
- optimized for the FAI F3C program
- new precision parts included in the kit: TS, rear steering etc.
- CNC spur gear with optimized concentricity

Technical data

Main rotor-Ø : 1654 mm (730mm Rotor blades)
Tail rotor-Ø : 284 mm
Length : 1420 mm
Height : 398 mm
Weight : without flight battery 4190g
Rec. Engine : max. Größe 64mm hoch und 64mm Durchm.
Rec. Battery : max. 754 x 58 x 350mm
Version : KIT - BAUSATZ
Fly / Build :

Box Contents

- 20Z Pinion (i = 10.7:1)
- 2 Battery carrier
- 730WC Main rotor blades by Ennio Graber
- 105TB CFK TB tail rotor blades


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