History of Modellbau Lindinger GmbH

In 1919, Friedrich Lindinger I., the grandfather of the current owner Friedrich Lindinger III., founded the company Lindinger in Molln, Austria.  The company handled and sold groceries.  After World War II, Friedrich Lindinger II took control of the company, which was at that time led by his mother, and built a brand new 1,000 m² grocery store.  By the early 1980’s, with a 1-meter long display counter in his father’s grocery store, Fritz began his career in selling his RC Modeling Hobby, which would later become his life’s calling. 

In 1988, along with his wife, Fritz produced and shipped his first RC Modeling catalog for his customers.  The first catalog, with much time and effort, was hand-made.  The work consisted of cutting up other catalogs, writing product text, pasting it together, and finished by photocopying.   Approximately 500 copies of the 1988 catalog were produced, with 115 pages.  Today, there are only a few copies still in existence!

Due to increasing success, Fritz moved his business into the neighboring shop, next to his father’s grocery store. 

His experience as RC modeler/pilot combined with his business knowledge allowed him to expand his company to 7 employees by 1995.  His philosophy, to provide the best possible technical and customer service, and a large variety and stock of high quality RC products, allowed Fritz to run his shop from a customer’s point of view.

In 1994, Fritz purchased a former manufacturing building in Molln, due to lack of space in his current stock room and sales floor.  Over the next year, the building would go under renovation.  In 1995, Fritz opened his new store, which offered a 1,000 m² sales floor and an expansive warehousing system.

Meanwhile, due to the development of the Internet, the company began offering its’ exclusive products and brands throughout the world.  In the summer of 1999, the Modellbau Lindinger online shop was developed and, a few months later, live online.

In the mid 2000’s, planning began for the new company headquarters located in Inzersdorf in Kremstal, with a 2009 construction deadline.   The new building, directly next to the freeway, was completed on-time and offers more than 1000 m² of sales floor and a modernized logistics center with close to 1,000 palette positions. 

Currently the company employs 54 people at the headquarters in Inzersdorf.  The annual product catalog comprises of over 9,000 products on more than 570 pages.  Approximately 80,000 catalogs are produced and distributed throughout the world.