CARSON Starter Tyrann 230 IR 2Ch RTF cyan
Product no.: 9794779
Manufacturer no.: 500507164
Item no.: 500507164Description: Starter Tyrann 230 IR 2Ch RTF cyanHeli for beginners!You want to conquer the model flying sky? With the CARSON Starter Tyrann 230 cyan, your entry into the world of remote-controlled helicopters is guaranteed to succeed. The indoor helicopter has a steering trim and is equipped with a 2-channel infrared remote control. It reaches a speed of 10 km/h. The Starter Tyrann is conveniently charged via USB cable, which gives you a full 11 minutes of flight time. Have fun with your CARSON Starter Tyrann! Buy - Charge - Fly!Note: Only suitable for indoor use. 500507164

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TAMIYA Audi V8 1992 Tourenwagen Biela 1/10 4WD EP TT-02 Chassis KIT
Product no.: 9788322
Manufacturer no.: 300058699
Tamiya is delighted to welcome the 1992 Audi V8 Touring as a model on our popular TT-02 chassis. The 1992 Audi V8 Touring employed an improved 3.6-liter V8 engine, Audi’s famed quattro four-wheel drive, and an imposing body. It overcame significant ballast handicaps and showed off overwhelming strength, particularly in a podium sweep at the 1st race of the 2nd meet at the Nürburgring.This is a 1/10 R/C model assembly kit. Length: 463mm, width: 188mm, height: 138mm. Wheelbase: 257mm.The powerful, imposing body is molded accurately in lightweight and durable polycarbonate (clear). Stickers are included to recreate the markings for the 1992 Audi V8 Touring. Masking stickers will aid in the paint job.Two-piece mesh wheels have silver color rims and spokes. They are paired with racing slick tires.Separate parts are included to depict side mirrors.The TT-02 chassis is an adaptable and balanced design with excellent stability, plus features such as identical suspension arm and upright components for ease of assembly.4-bevel differential gears and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension make for a smooth ride.A wealth of Hop-Up Option parts is available to tune the TT-02 chassis to your needs 300058699

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TAMIYA 1:10 RC MB UNIMOG 406 (CC-02)
Product no.: 9781489
Manufacturer no.: 300058692
TAMIYA presents the CC-02 chassis (Cross Country), now in the version with a Mercedes Benz Unimog 406 body.The CC-02 chassis was modelled on real off-road vehicles and has a frame chassis, cone differentials front and rear and a 4-link suspension. The rigid axle front and rear makes the model particularly off-road capable and the 4 CVA oil-pressure shock absorbers cushion every bump perfectly.The drive is provided by a powerful 540 engine, which is installed behind the front axle. This ensures good weight distribution when going off-road. Encapsulated in the engine is the gearbox, which transmits power to the front and rear axles via movable cardan shafts.The body has the unmistakable design of the Mercedes Benz Unimog 406 and is made of polycarbonate.Features:This is a 1/10 R/C model assembly kit. Length: 384mm, width: 196mm, height: 224mm. Wheelbase: 242mm.The distinctive form of the Unimog is accurately depicted in durable polycarbonate, with separate parts included for side mirrors and fuel tank, plus a metal-plated front grille and emblem.Includes block pattern tires, and red ABS wheels with a depiction of bead lock designs.Propeller shafts (short: 76mm) are also included.The CC-02 chassis is designed for a wide range of off-road scenes including rocky terrain, and its ladder frame is inspired by full-size vehicles and is the base for its superior durability.A 4WD setup employs the motor longitudinally behind the front axle with separated gearbox and transfer case, and propeller shafts transmitting power to the differential gears front and rear. 300058692

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Product no.: 9781488
Manufacturer no.: 300058691
This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 425mm, width: 189mm, height: 145mm. Wheelbase: 257mm.Features a 1.0mm polycarbonate body, and includes clear body for export and pre-painted body for the Japanese market. Separate parts are included for side mirrors and rear wing.Dish-type wheels (previously used on Item 58257, etc.) are molded in white ABS plastic, and paired with treaded tires.Stickers and masking stickers for use in the paint job are also included.The TT-02 chassis is a highly versatile shaft-driven 4WD unit, based around a durable bathtub.4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension has identical arm and upright parts for ease of maintenance.A wide range of Hop-Up Option parts is available to customize your chassis.Warning notices:Read carefully and fully understand the instructions before commencing assembly. A supervising adult should also read the instructions if a child assembles the model.When assembling this kit, tools including knives are used. Extra care should be taken to avoid personal injury.Read and follow the instructions supplied with paints and/or cement, if used (not included in kit).Keep out of reach of small children. Children must not be allowed to put any parts in their mouths, or pull vinyl bags over their heads. 300058691

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TAMIYA Midnight Pumpkin Black Edition 1/12 EP Kit
Product no.: 9781029
Manufacturer no.: 300058547

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TAMIYA Ford Escort MkII Rallye MF-01X 1/10 4WD Kit (inkl. lackierter Karosserie)
Product no.: 9780783
Manufacturer no.: 300058687
Rally cars are always an exciting subject, accomplished both on asphalt and flat dirt, and Tamiya is delighted to announce the addition of another to our R/C stable: the Ford Escort Mk.II Rally, depicting a car which was RAC Rally champion from 1975-1979. Fittingly, it is based upon the MF-01X chassis, which has dedicated rally parts and is at home on a range of surfaces.About the ModelThis is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 414mm, wheelbase: 239mm (L).The classic Escort Mk.II form is breathtakingly recreated in polycarbonate, and pre-painted in White. Separately molded plastic components are included to recreate bumper, side mirrors and fog lamps.Polycarbonate front and rear light cases are compatible with separately sold 5mm LEDs.Stickers are included to recreate blue livery sections, sponsor logos and more.The MF-01X is at home on-road or on flat dirt, thanks to 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.Power from the rear mounted motor is transmitted by gear differential to the rear wheels, and via a propeller shaft to the front. The chassis can be converted to S and M wheelbases with separately sold propeller shafts.A host of Hop-Up Option parts are available to tune the MF-01X chassis. 300058687

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TAMIYA Scania R470 Silver Edition 1/14 EP Kit (silver pre-painted)
Product no.: 9778479
Manufacturer no.: 300056364
This is a special edition of the R/C Scania R470 truck (original: Item 56318), the stylish 4x2 model that depicts a vehicle belonging to Scania’s International Truck of the Year 2005 award-winning R Series. It is a great option for those without the time or confidence to apply a paint job to their kit, as cab parts come pre-painted in TS-17 Gloss aluminum, and given a urethane coating for a beautiful, lasting finish.FeaturesThis is a 1/14 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 452mm, width: 187mm, height: 293mm.The classic form of the R470 is recreated accurately, complete with cab that tilts forward separately from fenders, just like on the full-sized truck. Cab, F, H, K, and M parts are molded in gray and pre-painted in Gloss aluminum (TS-17), with a urethane top coat for a stunning finish.Interior features such as seat and dashboard are depicted.2-axle chassis utilizes ladder frame with aluminum side channels and resin cross members. Realistic drivetrain has a front mounted motor powering twin rear axles.3-speed transmission can be controlled via 4ch R/C transmitter.Highly realistic suspension employs metal leaf springs.Coupler is included to enable connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.Compatible with a range of tractor truck option parts (TROP). Use with Multi-Function Control Unit MFC-03 (Item 56523) (or MFC-01, Item 56511) for realistic lights and sounds. 300056364

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CARSON Easy Tyrann Hornet 2.4 GHZ 100% RTF RC Helicopter
Product no.: 9777478
Manufacturer no.: 500507139
The new coaxial helicopter Easy Tyrann Hornet 350 from CARSON, with built-in flight stabilization (Gyro), is the eye-catcher in the model flying sky. The model is elaborately printed in hornet design and extremely robust due to the many gold anodised aluminium parts. To make it as easy as possible for beginners, the heli has an automatic take-off and landing function, which can be controlled via the interference-free 2.4 GHz transmitter. Furthermore, the remote control has a high/low switch, which gives the heli more power if required or makes it easier for beginners to fly in low mode. Many LEDs with color change provide a cool look and make navigation in the dark easier. Due to the 100% complete scope of delivery the Hornet is ready to fly after charging the built-in battery. Buy, charge, fly! Have fun with your Easy Tyrann Hornet 350 from CARSON.Features:- Robust chassis design- Gold anodised aluminium parts- Automatic take-off and landing function- Speed selection via high/low switch- LEDs with colour change and white searchlight LED 500507139

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Product no.: 9775664
Manufacturer no.: 47433
The Toyota Supra A80 was driven in the GT series in Japan in the early 2000s. The TAMIYA model was then sold under the number 58264 and is now available as a re-edition on the TT-02 chassis.Highlight is the already pre-painted body in Bright-Gun-Metal!The kit includes a strong Torque Tuned engine, an electronic speed controller for brushless and brushed engines. The TT-02 chassis has four-wheel drive and independent suspension.Required accessories:Remote control with receiver, steering servo, 7.2V NiMH battery pack, chargerTechnical details:- Kit model in scale 1/10- Beginner-friendly TT-02 chassis - extremely robust- encapsulated 4WD four-wheel drive- prototypical, transparent polycarbonate bodywork,incl. attachment parts (mirrors, rear spoiler)- painted body in Bright Gun Metal- powerful 540 electric motor "Torque-Tuned- Independent front and rear suspension- 6-spoke rim with radial slick tyre- electronic brushless/brushed cruise control- many tuning parts optionally availableScope of delivery:Kit model with detailed illustrated assembly instructions, electronic cruise control, 540 Torque-Tuned electric motor, painted polycarbonate bodyWARNINGS:Before you begin assembly, make sure you have read and understood all instructions. If a child is assembling the model, a supervising adult should also have read the assembly instructions.Tools, including a knife, are used to assemble the kit. Special care should be taken to avoid injury.If difficulties occur during assembly, ask an adult to supervise the work or a model builder with RC experience or a specialist dealer.Use tools only for their intended purpose. There is a risk of injury if used incorrectly.If you use paints and/or adhesives (not included in the kit), observe and follow the instructions enclosed with the kit.Keep the kit away from small children. Prevent children from putting any components in their mouth or pulling plastic bags over their head. 47433

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Product no.: 9767992
Manufacturer no.: 58626
RC Raikiri GT (TT-02) 300058626 The TAMIYA model is based on the entry-level TT-02 chassis. This chassis is based on the proven TT-01 chassis and is particularly stable and low-maintenance. With the assembly you get to know the RC technology almost playfully and you automatically become your own team boss! The model has an encapsulated all-wheel drive, independent suspension, powerful 540 electric motor and an electronic brushless/brushed speed controller. For the TT-02 chassis are numerous tuning parts available to make the model even faster and more stable. Required accessories: remote control with receiver, steering servo, 7.2V NiMH battery pack, charger, colour for Lexan body (TAMIYA PS-) Technical data: Length 432 mm Width 188 mm Height 114 mm Attention: Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. 58626

Product no.: 9756109
Manufacturer no.: 300058659
Tamiya welcomes a brand new rally car to the R/C model line-up with this kit recreating the Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT Yaris that is competing in the 2018 WRC. A multi-part body captures with elegance the form of this aerodynamically honed car, which boasts a 380PS, 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine and 4-wheel drive with active center differential.About the ModelThis is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 416mm, width: 188mm, height: 146mm.The streamlined 2018 Yaris WRC form is captured in polycarbonate, with individual polycarbonate parts recreating 2 types of front canard, front light cases and rear bumper blocks.Separately molded plastic components depict rear wing (2 parts) and side mirrors.Dish wheels are molded in gun metal and paired with racing radial tires (Item 50419).Stickers are included to recreate the numerous markings, as are masking stickers for use when painting.An extensive TT-02 option parts line-up offers a number of opportunities to tune your car.Please note that rear light cases are not included, and LEDs (both front and rear) cannot be installed.WARNING:Before starting assembly, you should read and understand all instructions. If a child assembles the model, a supervising adult should also have read the instructions. Tools including knives are used when assembling the kit. Special care should be taken to avoid injury. If difficulties occur during assembly, ask an adult to supervise the work or a model builder with RC experience or specialist dealer. Use tools for their intended purpose only. Incorrect use may result in injury. If you use paint and/or glue (not included in the kit), observe and follow the instructions provided. Keep the kit away from small children. Prevent children from putting any components in their mouths or putting plastic bags over their heads. 300058659

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Product no.: 9752401
Manufacturer no.: 500907315
The new CARSON Mercedes-Benz Arocs timber transporter is a great forestry workhorse to add to your fleet of CARSON vehicles. Like allvehicles from the CARSON RC Building and RC City lines, the transporter also has the TOP features such as switchable light with flash function, engine noise and a horn, as well as start button and energy-saving function. A particular feature is the loading crane with grab that can be controlled via the interference-free 2.4 GHz transmitter. The crane arm can thus be raised and lowered and, in addition, the jib can be controlled. The grab is also radio-controlled and can load and unload the timber Transporter with the logs supplied. The whole crane arm can be rotated through 180 degrees. The side gates can be manually lowered and raised. Furthermore, the vehicle has a manual fine steering adjustment. The charger, the power pack battery and the transmitter batteries complete the scope of delivery, making your CARSON timber transporter ready to go once the power pack is charged. Enjoy your new Mercedes-Benz Arocs timber transporter from CARSON RC-Sport.Features:Gripper arm can be controlled via the remote controlLifting arm can be rotated and tilted via the remote controlHorn, light, engine and driving sounds can be controlled via the remote controlHeadlights and reversing lights with flashing function100% complete set with cargoInterference-free 2.4 GHz remote control systemTechnical data:Length 395 mmWidth 160 mmHeight 235 mmWeight 1116 gDriving time 25 min 500907315

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Product no.: 9723129
Manufacturer no.: 300056348
This is a highly accurate 1/14 scale radio control model that recreates the Mercedes Benz Actros 3363 3-axle truck. The Actros series debuted in 2011 and was named 2012 Truck of the Year. Powered by a 15.6-liter inline-6 turbocharged diesel putting out a max of 630hp, the actual 3363 can haul up to 250 tons!The Tamiya rendition faithfully captures the truck's modern form with the use of ABS plastic body parts and a number of metal chassis components. One look at the detailed interior and auxiliary equipment, such as air tanks, will confirm that the body features replica-quality realism, which is further enhanced with metal transfers depicting emblems and numerous metal-plated parts. The chassis is built for durability as it uses aluminum side channels with resin cross members. Drivability is accomplished by power from the front-mounted motor and is transmitted via a propeller shaft to the rear axle; built-in differential gears guarantee smooth cornering. Gear changes can be made via a separately-sold 4-channel transmitter.The Actros' realism can be further heightened with separately-available trailers that can be attached to its coupler and make the model over a meter in length!FeaturesThe body of the Actros 3363 is recreated accurately using newly-molded parts differentiating it from the 1851 spec modelThe tried and tested Tamiya 3-axle chassis utilizes a tough ladder frame with aluminum side channels and resin cross members. A realistic drivetrain setup sees the front mounted motor powering twin rear axles.3-speed transmission can be controlled via 4ch R/C transmitter. Item 7255252 is the perfect radio to compliment the Actros kitMetal leaf spring dampers with built-in coil springs provide durable suspensionCoupler is included to enable connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailersCompatible with the tractor truck option parts (TROP) Items 56531, 56532 and 56536. Use with Multi-Function Control Unit MFC-03 (Item 56523) (or MFC-01, Item 56511) for realistic LED lights and soundsCompatible with the tractor truck option parts (TROP) Items 56531, 56532 and 56536. Use with Multi-Function Control Unit MFC-03 (Item 56523) (or MFC-01, Item 56511) for realistic LED lights and sounds 300056348

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CARSON RC-Reflex Pro 3 Elektro Set in brauner Verpackung
Product no.: 9792386
Manufacturer no.: 500707152
Optimum extension set for ARR and Assembly Kit. Especially for Cars & Boats.Technical data:Transmitter / receiverOperating Voltage of transmitter 4,8 up to 6 Vtwo continuously controllable fully proportional channelsservo reverse for both channels (reversal of the running direction)trimming function for accelerator and steeringDual Rate for both channels (path limitation of the servos)powering of receiver (without BEC) 11 V possibleIntegrated Fail-Safeplug system for Futaba and Graupner-J/Rcharging socket (plus terminal inside)battery status indicator by LEDChargerInput voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz (AC)Charging current output 1: max. 2 A / 9 VCharging current output 2: max. 0.5 A / 6 VBattery types: NiMHSteering ServoJR Plug6 kg throw forceMetal gearDriving batteryNiMH 7.2 V / 3000 mAh TAMIYA plugTransmitter batteryNiMH Mignon 1.2 V / 2100 mAhTechnical details:Seamless 2.4 GHz remote control systemErgonomically adjustable control unitBall-bearing control unitIncludes 6 kg servo with metal gearbox2-in-1 charger for vehicle and transmitter batteriesCompatible with Tamiya-Kit 500707152

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CARSON Reflex Wheel Start 2.4G Radio schwarz
Product no.: 9789226
Manufacturer no.: 500500102
The Reflex Wheel Start is a 2.4 GHz remote control perfect for beginners. It can be infinitely divided into two fully proportional channels. It has a trim function of gas and steering as well as a servo reverse, which allows the reversal of the direction of travel. You can also use the dual rate function to program a path limitation of the servos for both channels.For safety, the remote control is additionally equipped with a fail-safe function.Features:Two gradually adjustable, fully-proportional channelsServo reverse (reverses the direction of travel) and trim functionTrimming function for gas and steeringDual rate for both channels (travel limiting of the servos)Battery status display via LEDFailsafeTechnical data:Operating voltage of the transmitter 4.8 – 6Vpowering of receiver (without BEC) 11 V possibleUni connector system Futaba/Graupner-J/R 500500102

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Product no.: 9770390
Manufacturer no.: 300047419
This is a 1/10 scale 2WD R/C model assembly kit.Length: 410mm, width: 290mm, height: 240mm, wheelbase: 247mm.The body is molded in black polystyrene resin. It depicts a customized Beetle with gaping fenders, triple auxiliary lights and a shortened rear end, plus metal-plated parts for headlights and handles, etc.The classic stickers have a brand new color scheme to go with the black body.ABS space frame is molded in a dark gray, and has the durability to withstand all-action off-road use.Superlative cushioning and grip are provided by 130mm diameter, 58mm width lug pattern pin-spike tires on gold color plated wheels, cushioned by high-performance CVA oil dampers on front double wishbone and rear trailing arm suspension setups.Efficient and durable universal shafts come with rubber boots. 300047419

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CARSON Elektromotor 540 Black Race Machine 21T
Product no.: 9794778
Manufacturer no.: 500906197
Brushed motor with power: The high-performance brushed motor of the type 540 is the first tuning step for your 1:10 Tamiya RC car. It has an output of 120 W and works fine with batteries in a voltage range from 4.8 to 8.4 V.Features:- Nominal voltage: 6 V- Voltage range: 4.8 – 8.4 V- Speed: 28,000 rpm- Current consumption: 2.2 amps- Torque: 1.8 Ncm- Current consumption: 10 amps- Output: 120 W- Turns: 21 500906197

CARSON 7,2V/2100mAh NiMH Race Akku TAM
Product no.: 9789225
Manufacturer no.: 500608158
This 7.2 V NiMh racing pack, equipped with Tamiya connector system, is fast charging and high current discharge suitable.It is suitable for many RC cars but also for other modeling applications. 500608158

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carrying bag TAMIYA for RC-Cars
Product no.: 9761526
Manufacturer no.: 500908178
Dimensions: about 64x29x36 cm 500908178

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CARSON Expert Charger NIMH 500mah
Product no.: 9781028
Manufacturer no.: 500606081
Suitable for example:500608132 NiMH 7,2 V / 1500 mAh500608054 NiMH 7,2 V / 2300 mAh Technical data:Input voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz (AC)Charging current: 500 mA / 8.4 VBattery types: 6 cells 7.2 V NiMH 500606081

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Product no.: 9741674
Manufacturer no.: 500906043
On new Venom engines, the engine carbons are replaceable. This increases the service life and the motor characteristics can be varied by means of various motor carbons. The end shield can be dismantled. The timing is adjustable. They are equipped with ball bearings for very high speeds and a long service life. These motors are equipped with motor cables as standard. 500906043

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Product no.: 76241
Manufacturer no.: 500502015
Preisgünstiges Standard Servo für alle Anwendungen im Modellbau. 500502015