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ORATEX® is an ironable polyester fabric, ideal for all scale models, large and historic models.

5 good reasons why ORATEX® ironing fabric is so special:
1st Simple application: Due to the flexibility of the material and a 5% biaxial shrinkage, ORATEX® can be easily applied around edges and edge arches. Folds can be easily removed with the foil blow dryer/hot air blower.
2nd Fantastic adhesive strength: ORATEX® has twice the adhesive strength of conventional covering fabrics.
3rd Remarkable strength and resistance of the fabric.
4th Protective sealing: ORATEX® is provided with a fuel- and oil-resistant sealing at the factory. You can paint ORATEX®, but you don't have to!
5. 8 attractive colours

Attention: The pictures are not 100% color-matched with the original final result due to technical limitations! e. g.: The fluorescent colours glow in the original. similar to the neon colours of the light pencils.

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