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Adapter board, which allows the direct soldering of EMC plugs/sockets (MPX-compatible with double contacts). The individual cables (e.g. servo cables) can then simply be soldered onto the large solder pads.

Especially suitable for the production of the servo supply for surface connectors.

In combination with the EMC housings included in the EMC connector sets (article no. A85022 or A85023), there is even no need to glue them to the housings, as the circuit board fixes the high-current plug firmly in the housing by soldering. The two middle pins (usually plus and minus) are merged on the 4-pin version on the board. The middle pins of the 6-pin variant are not merged.

This means that a total of 4 (4-pin variant) or 6 (6-pin variant) electrically isolated contacts are routed to the 8 solder pads. This allows easy soldering of servo cables on the top and bottom side of the board. Suitable for EMC connectors, this board is 1.2mm thick (also suitable for original MPX).

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