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8-pin wing connector with male connector, plug & socket! Ready assembled 8-pin wing connector with male connector for connecting e.g. two servos and a lighting module. The servo or illumination cables are plugged onto the pin strip on the board and fixed with the supplied shrink tubes. The circuit board enclosed by the heat-shrink tubing serves as a handle for easy connection and disconnection.

Box Contents

- 1 8-pin plug with board, pin strip and flange
- 1 8-pin socket with board and pin strip
- 2 pcs. heat shrinkable tubing

Security finally has a name - Emcotec! Quality Made in Germany since 1988. Emcotec develops products, from their own production, for the RC market in the highest quality. Top pilots from all over the world trust Emcotech with their power supplies and electronic switches.


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