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- 2x 0,5mm² cross-section (red and blue)
- 1x 0,3mm² cross-section (white)
- 30% weight reduction
- only 14g/m
- flame retardant
- robust insulation
- airworthy

The Premium™ Maxi Servo cable is the stronger version of the already known Premium™ cable with 0.35mm² cross-section. Stronger means that the current-carrying wires for plus and minus are 0.5mm² here, the signal wire has 0.3mm² to save weight. This makes the Premium™ Maxi cable ideal when longer cables have to be laid in the wing or fuselage for high performance servos!

The cable is highly flexible and made of very thin single wires to get a maximum of current through the given cross-section. The insulation is extremely resistant and therefore offers best protection even in the thickness of a thin film around the copper. With this insulation a weight reduction of approx. 30% compared to conventional PVC is achieved.

For comparison: The 0.5mm² Premium™ MAXI cable offered here is still lighter than a 0.25mm² standard PVC cable despite its larger cross section.

The insulation is flame retardant and much more heat resistant than standard PVC.

The PowerBox Premium MAXI cable is available loose in various lengths, either as a bundle or on reels. If you require other lengths, please contact us.

Technical data

Querschnitt 2x20/1x22AWG
Länge 10 lfm


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