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The two current-carrying cores have a cross-section of 0.5mm², the impulse core is designed with 0.14mm² for weight reasons. The weight is only 12.7 g/meter and is therefore 33% lighter than a comparable silicone strand. The current carrying capacity is 7.5A duration and 12A short-term.

  • plus and minus wire: 0.5 mm²
  • Pulse wire: 0,14mm²
  • Colours: black, white, red
  • weight: 12,7 g/m
  • Diameter: 2,2 mm

Silicone strand in comparison:
weight 19 g/m
Diameter: 3,2 mm

Weight-optimized, flexible strand, insulated with extremely thin-walled plastic and therefore very thin and light. Pulse cable with reduced cross-section. The surface is glossy, smooth and very slippery, which simplifies laying and application. The insulation is temperature resistant up to 100°C and self-extinguishing. Ideal for weight-saving cabling, with or without S.BUS interface. Current carrying capacity at cross-section 0.14/0.5qmm is 6A duration (short-term 12A).
Current carrying capacity at cross-section 0.25/1qmm is 18A duration (short-term 25A).

Technical data

Cross-section 0,14/0,5 qmm
Length 5 lfm

Box Contents

5 m

In 1924 Robert Becker (robbe) set up a small sawmill in the heart of Germany, which formed the germ-cell of brand today. At that time modelling was almost unknown, and did not feature in the activities of the young company, which initially concentrated on marketing a broad range of wooden products. After 1945 the first supplies of balsa wood were imported from South America for processing, and it was Hubert Becker, son of the company's founder, who was among the first to recognise the potential of this easily-worked timber in the field of modelling.


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