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Arduino® compatible hardware with microcontroller, which is able to implement its own technical ideas without extensive IT knowledge. An extensive range of additional electronic components enables almost any conceivable technical implementation, e. g. control, regulation, monitoring, etc. In addition to the hardware offered, the Arduino® software is required for operation. (available for download directly from the software manufacturer). Please note that due to the complexity of Arduino® compatible components, we cannot provide technical support! We recommend that you start with Arduino® or, for further information, appropriate specialist literature or relevant websites.

Hyperion - the top brand from Modellbau Lindinger! This revolutionary company offers a huge assortment of innovative and state-of-the-art products such as Servos, Chargers, High Voltage LiPo batteries, Race Copters, and 3D Printers. Hyperion's vision is to provide the RC Market with high quality products that won't break your budget!


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