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The Cell Meter 8 is a multifunction meter that measures the capacity of your batteries and the single cell voltage. The Cell Meter 8 can also balance your lithium batteries and test your servos. Nice feature on the side: The device has a very nice, bright backlight.

Suitable for the following battery types
  • 1-8S LiIon (lithium ions)
  • 1-8S LiPo (lithium polymer)
  • 1-8 LiFe (lithium iron)
  • 1-8 LiHV (High Voltage Lithium Battery)
  • NiCD (nickel cadmium)
  • * NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

product attributes

  • Brightly illuminated LC display
  • Connection option for XH - EH balancer plug, up to 8S rechargeable batteries
  • Capacitance measurement in % - Capacitance measurement in
  • Voltage measurement of the single cells (Lithium batteries)
  • Integrated servo tester
  • Integrated balancer (Lithium batteries)


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