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High-quality clamp ammeter for measuring direct current AC and alternating current DC. This makes this ampere meter also ideal for measuring brushless drives (BLDC) in model making.

Voltage measurement = from 600mV to 600V (resolution 0.1mV)
current measurement = up to 600A (resolution 0.1A)
Capacity measurement = of 60nF ~ 6000nF
Temperature measurement = from -40°C to +1000°C
frequency measurement = from 10Hz to 20Mhz
Diode test and continuity test

For the full range of functions, please refer to the manual

Pincer ammeter AC / DC
LCD display
* High resolution
Automatic detection of polarity
max. gripper opening 28mm
Overload indicator
Data hold function
Measuring cycle 3x/s
Battery status
* Auto Power Off

Technical specifications
Dimensions = 123 x 270 x 35mm
Weight = 280g
Temperature range = 0-40°C
Batteries = AA x2 AA batteries

Box Contents

  • Pliers Ammeter
  • Measuring tips
  • temperature sensor
  • Transport bag
  • English instructions


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