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Your controller does not have a BEC and you still want to do without a heavy receiver battery?
Then the BEC of Castle Creations is just the right thing for you!
The BEC can be easily adjusted in increments of 4.8V-9.0V using the "Castle Link USB Programming Kit B-nr. 76371).
It is factory set to 5.1V.

Up to 12V input voltage max. 7A continuous current
Over 12V input voltage max. 5A continuous current

Technical data

Cells 2-6LiPo
Cont A 10
Max A 10
BEC 4,8V-9,0V (einstellbar)
Dimensions 30/15/10 mm
Weight 11 g
Castle Creations has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic speed controls by combining state-of-the-art technologies with high volume manufacturing. The principles that helped us grow from one man with a desire for "something better" are still our driving force.


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