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SBD-2 8-way S.BUS adapter SBD-2 8-way S.BUS adapter

PWM adapter for connection to the S.BUS1 or 2 interface on the receiver. Extends the connections for standard servos by 8 channels. If two SBD-2 adapters are connected in parallel via a V or hub cable, the number of channels increases to 16.
Power can be supplied either via the S.BUS socket or, in the case of a large number of servos, via an external battery connection on the SBD-2 device. The rotary switch on determines which servo channels are output analog (channels 1-16, DG 1+2).
Optionally switchable to normal mode for analog servos or high-speed mode for digital servos.

Technical Data
- Operating voltage: 4.8....7.4 V
- Cell count: 4...5NC/NiMH .... 2S LiPo
- Dimensions: 29.6 x 39.3 x 15.8 mm
- Weight: approx. 14 g
- Temperature range -15....+55 °C


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