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With the Hobbywing UBEC 25A HV you supply your receiving system safely and efficiently with electricity from a connected LiPo battery of 3 - 18s.
A big advantage of the Hobbywing UBEC is the possibility to select the output voltage of the servos used. This is adjustable in four steps from 5.2V to 8.4V.
For optimal security of power supply, it is possible to connect an external, additional backup battery. This automatically takes over the power supply if the main battery is empty or defective.
This powerful UBEC is used in large helicopters and wing models with correspondingly powerful servos and corresponding numbers.

Switching BEC with an efficiency of more than 90%.
4-fold adjustable output voltage
protection functions for overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, overvoltage and undervoltage
Highest security through backup function
External on/off switch
metal housing
LED status indicator

Technical Data:
Input voltage: 3-18s LiPo
Input voltage backup: 1-2s LiPo
Output voltage: 5.2V / 6.0V / 7.4V / 8.4V / 8.4V
Output current continuous/short: 25A / 50A
Weight: 74g
Dimensions: 55x40.2x17.6mm


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