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The CentralBox 200 is a combination of a heavy duty battery backer without voltage reduction, 15 programmable and fused servo connections and 2 telemetry connections. Up to 2 receivers or satellites with serial or PPM sum signal can be connected. Commissioning is carried out with a coded magnetic switch, which prevents unwanted switching off due to vibrations or switch defects.

- Intelligent crossover without voltage regulation
- 15 fully programmable servo outputs
- Each servo output is protected by a resettable fuse - in the event of a short circuit, the servo is disconnected from the power supply
- 2x input for connecting receivers with serial or PPM output
- 2x input for Duplex EX telemetry sensors
- Safety magnetic switch
- Telemetry readings: used capacity, voltage, current of receiver batteries and servo failure
- Quiescent current / Power-Off mode[µA] 120

Technical data

Versorgungsspannung 3,5 - 15V
Akkuempfehlung (Anzahl/Typ) 2-3 LiXX / 4-10 NiXX
Laststrom 90A peak / 10A kontinuierlich
Betriebstemperatur °C -20 bis +75
Gewicht 30 g
Abmessung 62/38/16 mm

Box Contents

- Central box 200
- 2 pcs. RSAT2
- RC Switch


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