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The CentralBox 400 is a combination of a high-capacity battery backer with adjustable voltage reduction, 24 programmable and fused servo connections and up to 4 telemetry connections. Two satellites with JETI EX bus or PPM sum signal can be connected. Commissioning (ON/OFF ) is done wirelessly via an RC switch of the JETI Duplex DS/DC transmitter.

- Channel slots: 24 with 5V pulse voltage
- Receiver connections (e.g. for 2x RSAT2)
- Voltage regulation for the servo connections: 2x BEC with adjustable voltage from 5 to 8.4V
- Telemetry: input voltage of the batteries, current consumption of the RC system, taken capacity, temperature, overcurrent release
- External sensor connections: for up to 4 sensors
- Overcurrent/short circuit protection for each servo slot
- Supported protocols: PPM, EXBUS, EX,...
- ON/OFF switch: via a JETI RC switch from the transmitter
- Connection possibility for further JETI Central Boxes, the regulated output voltage is output via MPX connectors (up to 15A per connector).
- mechanically secured battery connections (safety clips)
- Vibration-protected mounting option
- Full aluminium housing for perfect heat dissipation under high load and mechanical stability

Technical Data CentralBox 400:
- Weight[g]: 271
- dimensions[mm]: 130 x 86 x 19
- Continuous current max.[A]: 30
- Supply voltage[V]: 6 ... 14
- Battery connections: 2
- Outputs with regulated voltage: 2
- peak current (300ms)[A]: 200
- Power consumption in OFF state[uA]: 60

Box Contents

- Central box 400
- 2 pcs. Rsat2
- 1 pcs. RC Switch


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