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The RC Powerswitch is a wireless ON/OFF switch in the model. It is connected between battery and receiver like a normal ON/OFF switch. Maintenance flaps, an opening in the canopy or external ON/OFF switches on the model are a thing of the past.

Easily turn your model ON or OFF wirelessly on the transmitter.

Settings and functions are made via the JETI model DS/DC transmitters, the RC switch is also exclusively suitable for this transmitter series. We recommend the two-stage safety switch art. no. 80001540 (DC-16) or art. no. 80001547 (DS-16) on the transmitter. If this switch is pressed, the display of the transmitter will of course still show a query.

- Weight 8 g
- Dimension 38/7/20 mm
- max switching current with JR plug 5 A
- Temperature range -20 ... 85 °C
- Typical current consumption ON mode 20 A
- Typical current consumption OFF mode 80 µA
- recommended Input voltage g 3.3 ... 24 V


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