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NEW 05.2014: the Plus version can also be operated in conjunction with the RC switch. The magnetic switch actuator (included) can be easily disconnected.
The JETI Max BEC 2D EX Plus serves as an external power supply solution and is equipped with a telemetry connection to the JETI Duplex system for monitoring the two battery packs. To increase safety 2 independent 2S LiPo / LiIon batteries can be used for power supply. Switching on/off is very safe with the enclosed magnetic switch and thus allows the module to be installed in the fuselage.

The MAX BEC 2D Plus EX outputs the following telemetry values in EX format:
- Voltage of both batteries single
- internal temperature of the MAX BEC 2D Plus EX

Technical data:
- sus. Input voltage: 5.5 - 8.4V
- max. input voltage: 16V
- Dimensions approx.: 100x29x16mm
- Weight approx.: 90g
- Quiescent current: 170µA
- max. temperature: 130 C°
- max. power dissipation: 20W
- Continuous current: 12A
- max. current (30 sec.): 20A
- Output voltage selectable: 5.0V; 5.4V; 5.7V; 6.0V
Technical information on maximum current carrying capacity for linear voltage regulators (not S-BEC):
The maximum current results from the maximum power loss in watts divided by the difference between the input voltage (battery voltage) and the set output voltage. This applies to normal cooling air removal, so never pack linear voltage regulators in foam or similar material!

Example here:
  • max. power dissipation with MAX BEC 2D EX = 20W
  • Battery voltage LiPo = 7.2V
  • set output voltage = 5,4V
  • max. current > 20W: 1.8V (differential voltage) = 11.11A


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