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- SensorSwitch with battery switch
- 2 independent electronic switches
- each battery individually switchable
- Switch-on and switch-off protection by SET - key
- 2 independent linear voltage regulators
- LED signalling for both circuits
- Voltage range 6.0 - 9.0 Volt
- NiXX with 5 cells or LiXX with 2 cells
- 2 voltage regulators linearly regulated to 5.9 volts
- Voltage loss approx. 0.35 Volt
- max. continuous current 5.0 Ampere
- Weight 35 gram incl. all connection cables

With the PowerBox battery backers and the PowerSwitch, we offer you the latest generation of power supply that meets all the requirements of today's model aircraft.Double stabilized receiver current (40/24), particularly powerful pulse amplification for precise servo control, permanent voltage control of both battery systems, external warning LEDs and servo slots outsourced from the receiver guarantee not only powerful ones, servos that run exactly, but also ensure modern interference suppression of overlong servo leads and all possible influences on the receiver, such as those caused by ignitions, controllers or turbine electronics.


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