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The circuitry is based on two modern, non-contact "Hall sensors" which react to a magnetic field, thereby activating the electronic switches in the PowerBox. These Hall sensors do not switch the current, but only transmit the switching pulse.

The MagSensor is an option for all PowerBox systems which could previously be switched using the SensorSwitch. The MagSensor can be used to switch the two circuits on and off, and to reset the capacity display on newer systems. Programming of servos or adjustments in the PowerBox's Program menu are still performed using the SensorSwitch. The MagSensor gives scalepilots in particular the opportunity to operate our redundant battery backer system with a built-in on/off switch which is not visible.

The ring magnet sensor supplied is powerful enough to penetrate GFRP / CFRP walls several millimetres thick.

For optical control by two green LED's the MagSensor has an additional piezo buzzer which accompanies the on or off switching process in two different tone positions.

With the MagSensor, as with the SenorSwitch, each of the two circuits is activated separately. This also gives you the opportunity to check each of the PowerBox's circuits individually, even with the MagSensor.

The MagSensor with the black plug is available for the PowerBox Royal SRS and Champion SRS.

Technical data:
Power consumption in operation: 10mA
Standby power consumption: 20µA
Weight: 10g
Temperature range: -30°C to +75°C
EMC testing: EN 55014-1:2006
CE Testing: 2004/108/EC


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