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The PowerBox MicroMatch is used everywhere where there is no room for a battery backer, or the backer does not offer this function. With the help of MicroMatch, the servo deflections and the center positions of both outputs can be easily adjusted. This allows two servos working together on one rudder to be set electronically for synchronisation. The servos no longer work against each other, torque and speed of both servos are fully effective. Another positive effect: Power consumption and wear of the servos are greatly reduced. A servo reverse function allows the direction of rotation of the servos to be reversed with just one click. This allows mirror-inverted built-in elevator servos to be operated on only one channel. Double rudders or nose wheel controls are further applications. All settings can be made with the USB interface cable (also usable with Jeti and MPX) or the BlueCom™ adapter. Very practical with BlueCom™: You can work directly on the servo lever and make the settings with your mobile phone conveniently via Bluetooth! The MicroMatch is updateable, so nothing stands in the way of future extensions in the functional scope.

- Servo-match function on both outputs
- Direction of rotation, centre and end points precisely adjustable
- Programmable via telephone app (BlueCom) or PC (USB)
- Fast reverse function
- Adjustable output frame rate
- 16bit processor for fast signal processing
- 4096 steps resolution for latest servo generation
- Interference suppression and pulse amplifier function
- Highest current carrying capacity, only limited by the plug connection
- Updateable via BlueCom or USB interface adapter
- Operating voltage 4,0V - 9,0V
- Current consumption operation 22mA
- Current carrying capacity >10A
- Signal Input PWM
- Channels 1
- Servo outputs, programmable 2
- Resolution servo pulses 4096
- Pulse repetition rate 12ms, 15ms, 18ms, 21ms
- Dimensions 33 x 10 x 5,5 mm
- Weight 7,5g
- Temperature range -30°C to +75°C


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