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Smallest and lightest power supply with linear regulated voltage for receivers and servos.

Double, linearly stabilized voltage for receivers and servos with 5.90 volts
Power up to 2 x 10 Amps
for LiPo cells 7.4 Volt (PowerBox Battery) or 5 cells NC or NiMh
6 control channels outsourced from the receiver
6 two-way pulse amplifiers
16 servo slots on the crossover
Interference suppression of all 16 servo inputs (no ferrite rings necessary)
IC controlled, independent voltage monitors (LED chains)
2 external superbright warning LED´s
Minimum value memory (low voltage memory) for both batteries can be read out individually
2 integrated electronic switches, controlled via the SensorSwitch
Operating voltage: 4.0 V to 9.0 V
Temperature range from - 10° to + 55° C
Voltage loss 0.35 Volt
Current consumption 25 mA
Weight only 115 grams, complete with all connection cables and SensorSwitch


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