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RS is a new power management system which combines all customer wishes, insights and experiences of the last years in one compact unit. Never before has so much functionality been packed into such a small space! The Mercury SRS is used wherever a powerful on-board system is needed that makes no compromises! Integrated iGyro, double receiver, telemetry, door sequencer and servomatching are just some of the highlights that are accommodated in this small and lightweight device!

Special attention has been paid to ease of use. For example, an assistant guides you through the entire basic setup. Channel assignments and gyro settings are taught-in in a few minutes via the external OLED display. Thanks to the new 6-axis sensor, the mounting position is determined by simply raising or lowering the rear. The iGyro is also taught the model type and the desired mode of operation: Torque-Roll automatic, thrust vector control or various settings with and without heading function can be selected as an example.

A highlight is the new entry assistant of the iGyro: A mixture of iGyro 3e and iGyro SRS reduce the adjustment work during the flight to one knob. After 2-3 overflights the gyro is fully defined and the different flight phases, as previously set in the setup wizard, can be called up via switch.

As with the Royal SRS, the well-proven GPS II (depending on the model) is optionally used to adjust the gyro sensitivity to the flight speed.

To ensure maximum security, two receivers can be connected to the built-in SRS, four satellites for Spektrum. Nearly all remote control systems provide battery, receiver and GPS data (depending on the version) for telemetry.

The Doorsequencer is also set using a wizard. Who knows how tedious adjustment work is with conventional door sequencers, will be surprised how quickly a chassis including four doors can be adjusted within a few minutes.

The Servomatch function is available for all outputs. This allows various functions, such as left and right landing flaps, to be controlled with only one channel or several servos to be synchronised on one rudder.

By the way, the assignment of the servo outputs is also predefined in the setup wizard - depending on the selected model type, several outputs are assigned per channel and land flaps and gas channel are taught in.

The powerful 16-bit processor and the updateability of the system guarantee future security. With the PowerBox Terminal or our BlueCom adapter, updates with new functions can be installed at any time. PowerBox pilots know that they are always at the cutting edge of technology!

- iGyro, integrated: 3-axis gyro system with heading function
- Advanced setup wizard for easy operation
- Special control algorithm for surface models
- 6 independent gyro outputs Outputs for: 2x ailerons, 2x elevator, 2x rudder
- Special thrust vector support
- GPS (depending on version) - regulated gyro sensitivity
- High precision 6-axis MEMS sensor
- Built-in delta and V-control mixer
- Door sequencer: freely programmable outputs with setting wizard
- Servo match function: servo center, end points and servo reverses for all 15 servo outputs
- SRS: Serial Receiver System for the possibility to use receivers with serial interface, Futaba S-Bus, Spektrum DSM2 and DSMX, Jeti UDI, Multiplex M-Link, HoTT and JR X-BUS
- Free channel assignment of all 15 PowerBox outputs
- Graphical OLED display with 128x64 pixels
- Particularly user-friendly menu-driven programming with the SensorSwitch
- 15 channels
- Pulse amplification and interference suppression for all 15 outputs
- Flight recorder, recording of lost frames and failsafe phases
- Adjustable frame rate between 12ms - 21ms
- 16bit processor for high resolution and fast signal processing
- Double regulated output voltages for receivers and servos
- Output voltage adjustable, 5.9V or 7.4V regulated
- Connection option for the return channel bus systems Futaba, Jeti, Spektrum, HoTT, JR and Multiplex MSB
- Transmission of battery information, receiver data and GPS (depending on version) data directly to the transmitter
- Voltage display for each battery separately
- Minimum value memory indicates possible voltage drops
- Large cooling surfaces for high controller performance
- Controller monitoring and controller error display
- 3 battery types are supported: LiPo/LiIon, NiMH/NiCd, LiFePo
- Suppression of any servo reverse currents that may occur
- Updateable with the USB interface or the BlueCom adapter

Technical Data:
- Operating voltage 4,0V - 9,0V
- Power supply 2S LiPo/LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
- Current consumption 99mA (with OLED)
- Power consumption standby 3µA
- Current carrying capacity tip 2x20A
- Dropout voltage 0.3V
- Output voltage 5.9V or 7.4V stabilized
- Signal input serial
- Supported remote control systems Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, HoTT, M-Link, JR Propo
- Receiver redundancy SRS
- Channels 15 (18)
- Servo outputs, total 15
- Servo outputs, programmable 15
- Servo pulse resolution 0.5µs
- Pulse repetition rate 12ms, 15ms, 18ms, 21ms
- Gyro system, integrated iGyro
- Gyro control Heading and normal mode
- Gyro Sensor Type MEMS
- Number of sensor axes 6
- OLED display
- Door sequencer, integrated yes
- Supported telemetry systems Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, HoTT, M-Link, JR Propo
- Dimensions 93 x 67 x 19 mm
- Weight 85g
- Weight sensor switch 15g
- Weight LC-Display 15g
- Temperature range -30°C to +75°C

Box Contents

- PowerBox Mercury SRS without GPS
- incl. OLED display
- SensorSwitch


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