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The PowerBox Sensor is probably the best-known product in the PowerBox portfolio. Thanks to the two voltage regulators, it can be used almost anywhere where double safety is to be combined with modern battery technology. The small design and the low weight make installation in small to medium-sized models possible without any problems.

The PowerBox Sensor is a truly redundant power supply system and is as safe as its big brothers. Two completely independent control and switching systems are installed. This not only doubles the number of connected batteries, as with all other comparable products on the market: In fact, two microcontrollers, two controller and circuitry and double voltage monitoring are built in.

To use all modern batteries such as LiPo and LiFePo, the two built-in controllers reduce to 5.9V, compatible for 6V servos. Also 5s NiMH batteries can be used. If the batteries are fully charged, too high voltages are also cut to 5.9V. This increases the service life of the servos and ensures constant torque and constant speed, regardless of the state of charge of the batteries.

The two 3-colour LED´s signal the state of charge of the batteries in four stages. To gain even more control over the batteries, a minimum value memory stores the lowest voltage value that occurred during the flight. After the flight, the minimum value can be read at LED´s using the I and II keys.

On request, we can also supply the PowerBox sensor with 7.4V output voltage for HV systems. Two different plug-in systems are available on the battery side: Uni- or MPX connector.

- double regulated output voltage
- Output voltage 5.9V / 7.4V
- Voltage display for each battery separately via LED display
- Minimum value memory indicates possible voltage drops
- 3 battery types are supported: LiPo, NiMH/NiCd, LiFePo
- Suppression of any servo reverse currents that may occur
- Operating voltage 4,0V - 9,0V
- Power supply 2S LiPo, 2S LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
- Current consumption operation 30mA
- Power consumption standby 5µA
- Current carrying capacity tip 2x4A
- Dropout voltage 0.3V
- Output voltage 7.4V stabilized
- Dimensions 65 x 23 x 26 mm
- Weight 35g
- Temperature range -30°C to +75°C

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