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- Battery backer with electronic safety buttons
- High current power FETs for 25A continuous current (40A short) with lowest internal resistance in the switch.
- LED display for each battery
- 0.5 sec safe interruption bridging against switch bouncing and vibration
- High current feed to receivers with 3x Futaba with quality gold contacts
- Absolutely vibration-proof due to SMD technology
- No mechanical wear whatsoever
- Ideal for all applications with strong digital and power servos
- Power supply of the servos from 1 or 2 high-current batteries
- Voltage drop max. 0.2V at 20A
- Automatic switchover in case of battery failure
- Only passive, fail-safe electronic components, no software
The DPS-25 is used to switch on a receiver system safely and wear-free, to supply it with high current for best servo performance and at the same time to increase safety by using 2 separate receiver batteries for battery redundancy. Of course, the DPS-25 can also be used with only one battery as a pure receiver switch.

In order to be able to use the optimum performance of strong and fast servos at all, a power supply is required which leads the necessary high currents directly to the servo sockets on the receiver without loss.

In addition, the power supply must still function even in the event of a battery failure. These safety functions are provided by the DPS-25, while at the same time minimizing components susceptible to faults. This provides optimum protection against vibration and contact problems. The switching output stages used ensure the highest and loss-free current flow, the internal resistance is considerably lower than the contact resistance of mechanical switches.

Due to the high cable cross-sections in the feed lines to the receiver, the maximum current is transmitted directly to the servo sockets, allowing the servos to develop their potential power and performance in the first place.

The DPS-25 has the proven T-connector system as battery connection, 3 original Futaba plug cables (contact socket) are attached on the receiver side. These special contacts exclusively allow continuous currents of up to 6A, the highest value for this connector system ever. The cable cross section is 0.5mm. The negative conductor is made of silver. This allows the full power of the battery backer or the battery used to be passed directly to the servo cables.

NOTE: Input voltage = output voltage, no voltage reduction, the servos are supplied directly with the battery voltage!

Please also note our articles in FUTAPEDIA on the subject of cables and plugs.

- Input voltage 4.5 - 8.4 V
- Total power: up to 300 W
- Weight: 25 g
- Dimensions: 46x17x11 mm


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