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When using battery backers on receiver systems with many servos, the servo return currents which occur cannot be stored in the battery (the diode in the battery backer prevents this) and then flow directly into the receiver electronics. Although there are also storage capacitors there, these are usually too small to provide adequate protection when many servos are used simultaneously.

The ACT power capacitor solves this problem. It stores the reverse current energy and then returns it back to the "system receiving system" even when high current peaks are required, thus even supporting the battery for a short time. However, this is only possible with special types of capacitors with "Low ESR Technology", a technology that allows capacitors to be charged and discharged very quickly. Our ACT Power-Condesator uses this technology.

In general, the higher the capacity of the capacitor, the better the protection and recovery energy. It is difficult to give a clear recommendation, because the servo return currents depend on the servo types and functions used, and the capacitors in the servo electronics can also absorb energy from each other. You can find more details in the section "Quality and Engineering" on the start page of our homepage. In general we recommend using the ACT Power capacitor when using 6 (and more) powerful servos in conjunction with a battery backer on the receiver.

The connection is simply made to a free servo or battery socket on the receiver.

Box Contents

- ACT Power Capacitor 4700µF
- Quick guide


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