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The DPS-40 is a dual electronic switch which is mainly intended to switch supply voltages of receivers / servos, controllers, fuel pumps or similar devices. A major advantage of electronic switches compared to mechanical switches is generally their higher reliability in terms of vibration resistance. Another advantage of the electronic switches is their ability to withstand an unlimited number of switching cycles.

Electronic switches have no moving parts, such as contacts that wear out during switching operations, so they have an extremely long service life. Furthermore, they are not susceptible to spontaneous and unexpected false triggers with known devastating effects. Last but not least, electronic switches offer much lower inherent contact resistances compared to mechanical switches.
The DPS-40 is operated by means of a magnetic switch that can be attached to the fuselage or elsewhere. The system is switched on or off by using a special magnet.
The DPS-40 is intended for the purpose of the switching voltages of receivers and servos, but they can also be successfully used for other DC switching tasks.

- Switching on by magnetic key
- Signaling via LED

Technical Data:
- Voltage range: 3.5-16V
- max. current: 40A
- max. continuous current: 20A
- Weight: 31g
- module dimensions: 46/45/6,5mm


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