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EnLink 2RS plus (set contents: 2 pieces)

The Enlink 2RS Plus is a component for increasing safety through redundancy. It can be used, for example, to switch two receiver outputs (from 2 separate receiver systems) to one servo. If one receiver system fails, the Enlink 2RS Plus switches to the second receiver system and the servo continues to run without interference.

In addition, the Enlink 2RS Plus can be used with a special FW for the use of an EX Bus, UDI or PPM signal. For example, two RSAT2s can be connected as redundant receivers to an FBL or stabilisation system. Especially in cooperation with the two HF modules in a JETI Duplex DC-16 or DS-14/16 transmitter in the "two-way HF mode", a real safety gain due to the double radio link. For example, the RSAT 900Mhz (in operation with the DC/DS-24 transmitters) can also be connected to a CentralBox 200 (or other) as a third receiver. You can find the instructions here under the tab "Downloads".

Additionally it can be used as a pulse amplifier for the EX Bus, UDI or PPM signal with a long connection cable between e.g. main receiver/CentralBox and RSAT 2. The connection is then unidirectional, i.e. data transfer only in one direction.

Technical data:
Weight [g]: 11
Dimensions [mm]: 38 x 12 x 6,5
Continuous current [A]: 3
Operating temperature [°C]: -20 ... 85
Recommended input voltage [V]: 5 ... 8,4
Input voltage max. [V]: 16
Peak current (max 5s) [A]: 12


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