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Universal servo tester

- The ideal helper when setting optimal servo centers, no remote control equipment necessary
- Small, light, handy and with digital display
- up to 4 servos can be connected
- 3 different modes selectable; manual adjustment, automatic center output (1500µs), continuous operation
- Adjustable clock frequency for analog and digital servos
- Operating range: 4.8V to 6V, pulse length spectrum: 800-2200 µs
- Dimensions: 75x38x27 mm Weight: 27 g
- belongs in every tool box and in every workshop

Since their founding in 1958, Multiplex has developed top RC Radio Systems for the RC Industry! With the current 2,4 GHz Technology M-LINK and telemetry system, Multiplex has put itself in front of the RC Industry in Germany. Since the early 2000s Multiplex began producing finished models made from Elapor, a high-tech particle foam, which setted a milestone im the RC Airplane, as well as in the Helicopter (Funcopter) sectors. Since 2002, Multiplex has been owned by the south korean HiTEC group and has become one of the leading RC manufacturers in the world!


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