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Don't freeze your fingers off when flying in winters with the new the Hyperion Heated Transmitter Glove 12V, 18watt V2,(3S LiPo Powered). The new Hyperion transmitter glove now comes with a built-in heating element that works off 12v so you can plug in any old 3S LiPo and enjoy flying without freezing your fingers. This is a must have item for low temperature and winter flying season. The Hyperion transmitter glove is designed to fit almost all transmitter antenna styles, and allows for neck-straps too.

Made from heavy weight nylon/polyester material, durable transparent cover that wont get brittle in near freezing temperatures and padded inside with cotton/nylon material to insulate and protect against rain, sleet or snow. A must have for the RC enthusiast who wants to keep flying/driving in cold weather/climate and also for competition pilots/drivers who want to show their best even in the cold temperatures. No programming required just plug in an old LiPo and select from the 3 modes Low/Medium/High as per temperature outside. The adjustable modes let you choose from 25C~50C (77F~113F)max temperature is 50degree. The glove is nicely lined with a heat reflective material, helps keeps your fingers warm & snug.

You now have one less reason to avoid going outside to enjoy your model aircraft during the winter!


- PVC coated fiber glass fabric with heating element

- Selectable 3 modes Low/Medium/High temperature settings

- Works on 12V DC directly, 3S LiPo with XT60 connector

- Min temperature 25degree and Max temperature 50degree

- Accepts all size transmitters

Included with the package:

- Hyperion Heated Transmitter Glove 12V, 18watt V2 (3S LiPo Powered) x 1

- Material: PVC coated fiberlass fabric
- Max Transmitter Size: 270 x 270mm
- Min. Temperature: 25degree
- Max. Temperature: 50degree
- Input voltage: 12v (3s Lipo)
- Idle Current: <30mAh
- Working Current: 2A
- Modes: Low/Medium/High .

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