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The noble transmitter consoles of the brand ´´darkONE®´´ are made of a new, only 3mm thick resin/plastic material. The carrier and the decor are cured or bonded with overlay in a single operation. Thus NO subsequently glued on foil, which loosens again sometime by external influences. It is very stable and has a nice surface. All edges are clean by machine ´´entschärft´´.
The dark anthracite tone of the desks in combination with the carbon-look hand rests creates an elegantly dark appearance. The white edges and the milled logo ´´darkONE´´, also in white, create a very valuable overall picture.
The aluminium spacers between the upper and lower shell are silver anodised.
Two removable and also silver anodised aluminium support rods are included in delivery. These are curved and thus contribute to a better centre of gravity. The rods are guided through the hole in the upper shell into the precisely fitting cut-out of the pan support and secured with spring pins. This makes it ideal for transporting suitcases.
The transmitter is always fastened without tools by special holders in the desk. No falling out possible. No clips are used. Nevertheless, the transmitter can be removed quickly.
Compact design - all consoles approx. 30-32cm wide.
All fixed screw connections are provided with locking lacquer.
All connections of the transmitter are freely accessible.
No kit - The desk comes to you completely assembled.

Technical data

Type : transmitter panel
Suitable for Futaba


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