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Temperature sensor SBS-01TE 125°C for the Futaba telemetry system on the S.BUS2. sensor unit with small and mechanically very stable metal probe, simple mounting with special aluminium double adhesive tape (included)

Suitable for transmitters: T18MZ, FX-32, FX-22, T14SG, T10J and 4PLS and 4PX, not suitable for connection to the telemetry box. Equally suitable for flight, helicopter, ship and car models. For measuring battery or motor temperature, etc, during operation in the model.

- Measuring range: 0...+125°C
- Dimensions: approx. 42 x 11 x 5 mm
- Weight: approx. 3.8 g
- Operating voltage: 3.7...7.4 V
- Power consumption: approx. 8 mA


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