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Special sensor for the Duplex receivers 2,4Ghz. This allows the temperature to be measured in real time.

The Duplex EX system is the successor of the thousandfold proven Jeti-Duplex remote control system. It extends the possibilities of telemetry data transmission. A detailed analysis of the telemetry data and a storage of the data for mapping on the PC is thus possible. Many Jeti Duplex components already in operation can be updated to the Duplex EX system. The user can perform the update himself via a PC and the Jeti USB Interafce. Of course, the Duplex EX system is downwards compact and works with all existing JetiDuplex components without any problems.

Technical data

Voltage 3,5-8,4 V
Range of measured temperature -40 bis +300C°
Power consumption 15mA
Dimensions 20/14/4 mm
Weight 10 g


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