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Originally introduced for speed-dependent sensitivity adjustment of the iGyro, the GPS II was completely redeveloped and can now also be used for all common telemetry systems. The inner values are impressive: The latest generation of GPS receivers for extremely agile speed determination even with fast speed or direction changes, helix radial antenna for position-independent reception and additional preamplifier for more reception reliability under difficult conditions.GPS II module is very compact and fits into almost every model. Depending on the telemetry system, alarms, addresses and other parameters can be set using the PowerBox USB interface and the free PowerBox Terminal program. The USB adapters from Jeti or Multiplex can also be used as USB interfaces, and software updates are possible via USB adapters so that nothing stands in the way of future expansions. GPS II measures and calculates the following parameters: three-dimensional speed, altitude, distance, distance travelled and geo-coordinates. Most remote control systems can record this data and display it on the computer in three-dimensional maps. GPS II is plug ´n Play, no additional devices are required. The patch cable for connection to the receiver or expander is included.

- Latest GPS generation
- Helix antenna for all-round reception (also in inverted flight)
- Reception even under difficult conditions
- Fast reaction to speed changes
- LED for GPS status display
- Precise 3D speed
- altimetry
- ablation
- Distance travelled
- geographic coordinates
- Supports the following telemetry systems:
Multiplex M-Link
Jeti EX
Graupner/SJ HoTT
Futaba FASSTest and JR DMSS will follow shortly
- Updateable

Supported remote control systems HoTT, Jeti EX, M-Link, FASSTest and DMSS in brief

Technical data

Operating voltage 4.0-9.0V
Current drain (on) max. 60mA
Temperature range -30°C bis +75°C
Dimensions 58x18x17 mm
Weight 14 g


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