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CR6P - Technology meets zeitgeist. With the CR6P remote control system Absima now also serves the special needs of truckers and crawlers. 6 channels leave enough room for the comfortable operation of a variety of electronic attachments. The winch function is particularly worth mentioning here; the CR6P can be used to completely control the extension and retraction of your winch.

Highlights :
- Fast transmission system
- Special crawler mode
- Winch function - control of pull-out and pull-in.
- New 6 channel receiver with Smart Vehicle Control (driving stability system).

Features :
- 6 channel remote control incl. 6 channel SVC receiver
- 20 model memories with naming capability for up to 20 receivers
- EPA End Point Setting / Servo travel limitation
- Dual rate for setting two different servo travel limits
- Trim function (SUB-TR) to determine the center position of the respective channel
- Servo reverse to function - direction reversal of the servos for all channels
- Expo for setting the channel sensitivity
- Anti-lock braking system for adjusting a pulsating braking action
- Smart Vehicle Control for operating a driving stability system
- Trim for steering, gas, channel 3 and channel 4
- Safe A.F.H.D.S.2A - 2.4 GHz Transmission System
- Crawler Mix
- voltage warning
- Large illuminated comfort display
- Fail Safe Function
- 6 Channel SVC Receiver

The SVC receivers are equipped with a gyroscope and offer the SVC system in addition to the normal functions. This system has two fields of application : + Steering stabilization + Acceleration management

Technical Details CR6P :
- Power supply : 4.4 / 7.4 Volt
- HF Modulation : GFSK
- Compatible Absima Receivers : R6FS / R4WP Ultimate ( no telemetry function available )
- Weight : 300 g
- Dimensions (L/W/H) : 170 x 100 x 250 mm

Technical details receiver R6FS :
- Operating voltage 4.8 - 8.4 Volt
- SVC system
- 6 channels
- Connector system : 6 x JR / Futaba
- Dimensions (L/W/H) : 29 x 22 x 16 mm
- Weight : 7 g

Box Contents

- 1 pc Remote control system CR6P
- 1 pc 6 channel receiver R6FS
- binding plug
- instruction

The company ABSIMA was founded in September 2011 in Nürnberg, Germany. As exclusive dealer for Team C Racing in Europe, Absima is one of the leaders in the RC Car industry worldwide. Absima offers a large selection of Cars in 1:10 and 1:8 scale, as well as thousands of quality spare and tuning parts, RC transmitters, servos, speed controllers, electric and glow motors, battery packs, and RC boats. From Ready to Run beginner kits to competition RC models, Absima has you covered!


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