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Professional 7-channel 2.4 GHz remote control system for RC cars with 4.3 inch colour touch display! Ultra-fast T-FHSS SR signal transmission and a new 2.4GHZ R334SBS 4-channel receiver with 2 antennas characterize this system. Maximum reception security!

The external antenna ensures optimum transmission power in all 3 modulation modes:

- T-FHSS-SR, 4 control channels without telemetry, but with maximum response speed

- T-FHSS, 4 control channels with telemetry
- S-FHSS, 7 control channels without telemetry
- FASST, 4 control channels without telemetry

The new T-FHSS SR (Super Response) system is faster than all previous transmission types on the market. With 2.45 ms the response speed in the model has become noticeably faster (T-FHSS = 4.15ms).

The backlit 4.3-inch TFT colour touch display with brilliant colours and high sharpness is the optical centre of the T7XC. Even in direct sunlight, all values can be read excellently on the display. The graphically guided user interface with the well-known simple Futaba menu structure ensures easy operation. Navigation is intuitive via the screen and the additional buttons on the top of the transmitter.

Synchronized, bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver with high telemetry data rate (up to 9 times per second), without loss of control channel response. A maximum of 31 telemetry sensors, alarm tone setting and output via beeper, vibration alarm or voice output via internal loudspeaker or optional headphone/active loudspeaker.

- Telemetry data recording on SD card (SDHC)
- Telemetry data analysis via spreadsheet programs or LogView software
- Real-time display of telemetry data on integrated display
- Receiver signal strength indicator to monitor range
- Receiver undervoltage warning system for monitoring the receiver battery
- Connection of up to 31 sensors to the S.BUS2 input for e.g.:
Voltage of the drive battery
Current up to 150A
Speed (optical or magnetic)
Temperature (125°C or 200°C)
GPS (speed and distance)

- Receiver R334SBS with four normal servo outputs and S.BUS2 output
- Connection option for S.BUS2 sensors
- All S.BUS servos can also be connected to normal servo outputs of the receiver
- Digital BUS technology for model sports
- Allows ideal placement of all components with efficient cabling
- Future-proof, digital technology for all future Futaba components

- Recommended servo: Futaba BLS571SV
- Recommended receiver: Futaba R334SBS or R334SBS-E (only for electric models)

SR Mode compatible servos

To use the speed of the Futaba SR system, many FUTABA SV servos can be switched to SR mode via T7PX transmitters. Currently the following servos are SR compatible: BLS371SV, BLS471SV, BLS571SV, BLS671SV, BLS671SVi, S9372SV & S9373SV.

Compatible receivers
S-FHSS: R2104GF/ R204GF-E/ R2008SB/ R2006GS
SOCKET: R614FS/ R614FF-E/ R604FS/ R604FS-E

- 7-channel computer remote control system with T-FHSS SR / T-FHSS / S-FHSS / FASST(C2) 2.4 GHz technology
- Billet remote control
- Telemetry function (only with T-FHSS)
- future NFC function for contactless updates with Android devices
- Backlit 4.3" colour touch display
- Display indications German, English or Japanese
- Built-in speaker
- 40 internal model memories, expandable via SD card
- Dual Rate & Exponential Function
- lap timing
- ABS Function
- Memory reset and copy
- Model name up to 15 characters
- Username up to 15 characters
- Future-proof through software update capability
- Failsafe setting for channels 1-4, B-F/S for gas function
- Normal and high-speed transmission mode
- Fastest response times with digital servos
- Free choice of assignment of switches and encoders
- Graphical servo position display
- 4WS Mixer
- Gyro Mixer
- Dual ESC Mixer
- CPS Mixer
- Mixer for tracked vehicles
- 5 Free mixers
- S.BUS Servo Link

Technical data

Kanal: 7/4/0/B
2,4 GHz: 9756270

Box Contents

- Transmitter T7XC 2.4 GHz FASST / T-FHSS
- Receiver R334SBS 2.4 GHz T-FHSS
- Battery holder for dry batteries
- miniature screwdriver
- ratchet spring
- Multilingual user manual


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