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Completely upgraded 14-channel hand-held transmitter of the upper performance class with integrated telemetry function, in 2.4 GHz FASSTest technology.

The T14SG offers outstanding transmission reliability and an extremely precise, direct control feeling through Futaba FASSTest-technology. Combined with a range of functions that leaves almost nothing to be desired and the well-known, high-quality Futaba quality, this makes the T14SG the perfect transmitter for all demanding pilots.
The newly designed larger transmitter housing fits very well in the hand and is also characterised by conveniently arranged controls. A large, centrally located 128 x 64 high resolution, backlit, 128 x 64 dot graphic display provides good readability in all lighting conditions. The graphic user interface, with the familiar simple Futaba menu structure, makes it easy to use, the menu navigation can be selected in 9 languages.
The elegant and clear design of the system is made possible by the new Cap-Touch system. Contactless sensors that simulate the 3D hotkey allow a smooth and closed surface without protruding control elements. Experience the new feeling of control with precision cross joysticks with digital trim and trim value memory. Side mounted rotary encoders allow a practical operation of additional functions, even without releasing the joysticks.

  • FASSTest 2.4GHz Technology
  • Superior immunity to interference by combining the advantages of DSSS and FHSS modulation
  • .
  • Future-proof (corresponding to the new EU standard already now)
  • Telemetry
  • 32-Channel Telemetry System
  • Range
  • Up to 1000m
  • Real time display in large display
  • Voice output*
  • Melody and sound output
  • Vibrationalarm
  • Data recording* of control signals and telemetry data
  • 74 x 38.5 mm, backlit display (128 x 64 dot)
  • S-BUS technology for fully digital integration of S. BUS servos, S. BUS controllers and S. BUS sensors
  • Fully equipped 14-channel transmitter with 20 freely programmable control elements
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  • Precise control stick with open-stick mechanism and 12 bit resolution
  • free of backlash
  • 4-fold ball-bearing

Hardware for voice output and data recording prepared, function implemented with free software update. Unfortunately, no exact date for this update is known yet. Lt. Manufacturer - expected to be available by the end of August 2013.

  • 14 channels
  • FASSTest Technology (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology)
  • The FASSTest Hybrid technology combines the advantages of DSSS and FHSS modulation. An extreme channel spread (spreading factor 11)
  • DSSS Spreading combined with optimized FHSS frequency hopping results in outstanding noise immunity and ultra fast response times for a precise, direct control feeling.
  • 100mW Transmission power
  • Real-Time-Response - real-time control
  • The response time (from control stick actuation to servo reaction) of the FASST system is significantly faster than other 2.4 GHz systems.
  • Very high range >3000m
  • Ultras Fast, direct, continuous digital modulation for shortest response times
  • Switchable FASSTest High-Speed mode for ultra-fast control of digital servos with 6.3 ms (12-channel, reduced telemetry functions)
  • Easy Link - extremely simple, fast binding method between sender and receiver
  • Extremely fast and safe automatic re-binding even under difficult conditions
  • Intelligent servo timing for uniform servo control and prevention of servo runtime differences
  • Dual Antenna Diversity - lightning fast switching between two receiving antennas for optimal reception signal quality (depending on receiver)
  • Pre-Vision - FASST / FASSTest receivers permanently scan the input signal and apply an intelligent Futaba error correction.
  • No loss of reaction speed even with heavily occupied frequency band
  • Integrated range test function for checking the range before starting
  • modulation mode switchable to FASST or FHSS for downward compatibility with existing Futaba components

  • Synchronized, bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver with high telemetry data rate (up to 9 times per second)
  • 32 telemetry channels
  • Range
  • Up to 1000m
  • Real time display of telemetry data on integrated display
  • Voice output via freely assignable switches*
  • Melody and sound output (for differentiated vario information)
  • Vibrationalarm
  • data recording of control signals (button movements) and telemetry data on SD card*
  • PC evaluation software for recorded telemetry and GPS data as well as control signals**
  • Receiver signal strength indicator to monitor the range
  • distance warning system (with optional GPS sensor) for safe flights at the visual limit
  • receiver voltage warning system for monitoring the receiver battery
  • Voice output of telemetry data via freely selectable switch
  • Freely configurable output of telemetric data via display, sound, voice and vibration

  • Precision 12-bit (4096 steps) resolution precision joysticks for precise and sensitive control
  • The open-stick mechanism of the joysticks is fitted with 4 ball bearings and is virtually free of play
  • 74 x 38.5 mm (128 x 64 dot) high-contrast backlit display for best readability even in strong sunlight
  • Graphical user interface and intuitive cap-touch control wheel (with key lock) for easy operation of all functions
  • 9 languages to choose from: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Japanese or Dutch
  • Standard, intuitive Futaba user interface for easy changeover
  • control elements freely assignable
  • Channel assignment freely assignable
  • Completely disassembled with 20 controls: 7 switches, 1 push-button, 2 front encoders, 2 lateral encoders
  • 2 Side encoders enable practical operation of additional functions without releasing the control stick
  • For all control devices (also switches etc.) freely selectable trimmer selection
  • Hardware polarity reversal for all encoders and switches for free definition of the switching direction
  • Model memory Direct selection in the start display for fast model selection
  • Mode 1-4 switchable

Teacher/student function
  • Optionally with optional cable or radio module
  • with single function switchover (teacher can release individual functions to the student) and mix mode (teacher can override all functions)
  • Freely configurable Pupil-Teacher channel assignment

S. BUS technology
  • Digital bus technology for the model sport
  • Future-oriented serial control bus
  • fully digital integration of S-BUS components such as S. BUS servos, S. BUS controllers and S. BUS sensors
  • S-BUS 1 and SBUS2 (bidirectional) compatible
  • Permits ideal placement of all components with efficient cabling
  • .
  • Future-proof digital technology for all future Futaba components
  • S-BUS components can be programmed and registered directly via the transmitter
  • Serial digital signal ideal for Flybarless systems, gyroscopes and battery backers

Functions - General
  • 30 model memory integrated, infinitely expandable with SD card (up to 2 GB, SD and SD-HC), 3862 models via optional 2GB SD card
  • model memory data of the transmitters T8FG and FX-20 directly readable.
  • graphic servo monitor for clear display of all servo travels with servo test function
  • Wide receiver voltage range from 3.6V to 8.4V for flexible selection of receiver battery
  • Software update capability via SD card ensures future-proofness.
  • practice-proven mixing menus for programming all servos and mixing functions depending on the model type, e. g. surface mixer
  • model type dependent special mixing programs for:

  • engine models (2-6 keys),
  • sailplane models (2-8 flaps),
  • Helicopter (6 swash plate types) (For more information see "Functions in detail")
  • 5 flight states freely programmable for each model memory for optimum setting of each flight state - Flight state switch-over with priority assignment and switch-over delay for soft transitions
  • >.
  • programs for all tailplane types: normal, V-tail, delta, wing wing, separate elevator (axle)
  • Servoway setting with limit function for all prop channels
  • servo polarity and center adjustment for channels 1-12
  • trim encoder optionally depending on flight status
  • Trim value display in step or %, with zero-setting by trimming memory
  • Fail-safe setting and battery fail-safe setting
  • 2 operating hours counter, one of which is model memory related
  • 2 free adjustable stopwatches, with memory function
  • Switchable large display of stopwatches
  • Function key lock prevents unwanted entries

Functions Engine model
Comprehensive mixing menus for models with up to 6 servos. In addition to the choice of wing type, you can also choose between the tail unit variants, Normal, separate elevator with ailer and V-tail. Delta models or motorized wing models from 2... 6 servos are also available. These menus are pre-programmed after calling up the program according to the model and contain all necessary mixing functions.
  • 5 freely assignable and switchable dual-rate / Expo settings.
  • 5 free linear or 5 point curves per model memory, optionally with / without trim and offset mixing.
  • 5-point gas curve
  • speed adjustment for throttle servo - aileron differentiation - mixer spoiler (Flaperon) - mixer height spoiler (Flaperon)
  • >
  • Mixer side-cross
  • Mixer Side height
  • Mixer Snap Roll
  • Mix adjustment
  • circle setting
  • Mixer motor, for 2-stage switching of motors, with individual speed adjustment for stage 1 /2 as well as back and forth.

functions Segler
For glider models there are also extensive menus of mixers for models with up to 8 servos available. Available with or without motorization. In addition to the choice of wing type, you can also choose between the tail unit variants, Normal, separate elevator with ailer and V-tail. Only wing models of 2... 8 servos are also available. These mixing menus are pre-programmed and include all the necessary mixing functions.
  • >5 flight states per model memory, with priority assignment and adjustable switching delay. With logic switching function.
  • 5 free linear or 5 point curves per model memory, optionally with / without trim and offset mixing.
  • aileron differentiation
  • Adjustment of flaps
  • Mixer transverse vault
  • Mixer cross-side
  • Mixer spoiler vault
  • Mixer height spoiler
  • Mixer vault height
  • Mixer side-cross
  • Mixer Butterfly with offset and delay setting
  • Butterfly Mixer - height
  • Mix for cross, side and height, with speed adjustment and FZS switching delay.
  • circle setting
  • Mixer motor, for 2-stage switching of motors, with individual speed adjustment for stage 1 /2 and back and forth functions

The main difference between the menus for helicopters is the swash plate control. All classic controls such as H1, HE3 (90°), HR3 (120°), H-3 (140°), H4 and H4-X (45°) are integrated. A special feature is the adjustable boom travel compensation for the H3 and H4 types. This prevents the otherwise usual displacement of the travel path in case of larger or asymmetrical deflections, whereby servos can be damaged in the long run. The pitch function can also be adjusted in speed to avoid the travel time difference in the HR/N3 120° steering.
  • 5 free linear or 5 point curves per model memory, optionally with / without trim and offset mixing.
  • swashplate mixer
  • Mixer swash plate ring
  • 5-point pitch curve Normal, gas preselection 1,2,3, autorotation. With logic switching function.
  • 5-point gas curve Normal, gas preselection 1,2,3, autorotation. With logic switching function.
  • Autorotation - Swash plate mixer (virtual rotation)
  • Mixer swash plate - gas (Linear / Center)
  • Rear gas mixer (linear / center)
  • 5-point mixer pitch tail, normal, gas preselection 1,2,3, autorotation. With logic switching function.
  • Mix adjustment
  • rotary mixer (rear) with 3 rates and fine trim setting
  • rotary mixer (taping disc) with 3 rates and fine trim setting
  • 3-rate speed controller with fine trim setting
trimming trimmer
Technical Data:
  • transmitting power: 90 mW
  • Transmission system: FASSTest® 14 channels FASSTest® 12 channels FASST Multi 12+2 channels FASST 7 channel S-FHSS 8 channel
  • weight approx.: 800 g
  • Frequency band: 2.4... 2.4835 GHz
  • Functions: 14/32
  • power supply: LiPo 2S 2800mAh / 7.4 or 1600mAh NiMH depending on the scope of delivery!

Technical data

Channel/receiver/2nd receiver 14/7/0/A
2,4GHz 9748753

Box Contents

Transmitter T14SG 2.4GHz FASSTest Mode 1-4
Receiver R7008SB 2.4 GHz
Transmitter battery 1600mAh NiMH
charging cable


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