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Please be aware that this product can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Germany (except Wellpower-CHECK), Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary!

A handy transmitter, high-quality design with plastic housing, large colour display, ball-bearing billet units and wear-free Hall sensors. A low weight, the high-quality design of the housing and a great ergonomics distinguish this transmitter. The software can be expanded according to personal preferences and, of course, JETI also offers full telemetry capabilities.

Equipment and features:

- Channels: 8 (expandable up to 12)
- 2.4GHz RF modules: 1
- 900MHz Backup System: Optional
- Colour TFT: 3.5 inch, 320x240 pixels
- Billet units with Hall sensors: Yes
- Stick resolution: 4096 steps
- Internal memory: SD card, 8GB
- Free mixers: 5 (expandable up to 20)
- Stopwatches: 3 (expandable up to 20)
- Values can be shown on display: 10 (expandable up to 40)
- Speech output for functions: 5 (up to 20 expandable)
- Alarms: 10 (expandable up to 40)
- Channels for rotary axes: 1 (up to 3 expandable)
- Flight phases: 3 (expandable up to 6)
- Flight Phase Trim: Yes
- DITEX telemetry values: 16
- Lua extensions: max. 10
- MP3 player: Yes
- Microphone: Yes

Optional equipment, as of February 2019:
- Logic switches: 0 (expandable up to 16)
- Sequencer: 0 (expandable up to 6)
- Motion sensor: optional
- Audio player: optional
- Telemetry transmitter: 0 (expandable up to 16)
- Vibration alarm: optional
- Voice output: optional
- Servo balancer: optional
- Function curves: optional
- Gas limiter: optional
- Variometer: optional

Technical data

Channel/receiver/2nd receiver 8/0/0/A
2,4GHz 9763338

Box Contents

- The transmitter is delivered with control mode 2, alternative control modes can be set by the user.
- 1 JETI Duplex remote control DS-12
- 1 built-in transmitter battery and 1 transmitter power supply.


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