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The Sanwa Aquila-6 is the perfect all-round system for the flight area. Major innovations compared to the predecessor transmitter SD-6G are besides the new design an improved control feeling of the sticks, the removable battery box . The simple menu navigation and the software for the Aquila-6 were taken over from the SD-6G and form the basis of the new 6-channel handheld transmitter. From the trainer over aerobatic models, up to 3-D helicopters the Sanwa Aquila-6 offers all necessary functions and is therefore the ideal all-round transmitter for the entry into the R/C model flight .

- 10 model memories
- Direct Model Select
- Dual rate together or separately per flight phase
- Expo together or separately per flight phase
- Failsafe programmable
- 3 flight phases each for helicopters and airplanes
- Joint or separate trim for each flight phase
- 6 Position switches
- 7 defined mixers (aircraft)
- 2 free mixers per flight phase
- 5 point gas curve (plane & helicopter)
- 5 point pitch curve (heli)
- 9 pre-programmed swashplate mixers (90, 120 and 140 degree types) (Heli)
- Teacher/Pupil Mode
- Servo monitor

Technical data

Channel/receiver/2nd receiver 6/6/0/B
2,4GHz 9715589

Box Contents

- Transmitter Aauila 6 FHSS-1 MODE 2
- Incl. RX-600 6-channel receiver


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