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R7003SB smaller, only 7g lighter 3 /18 - channel 2.4GHz FASSTest® S.BUS receiver with full range and integrated telemetry transmitter.
Super slim for models with narrow hulls. With S.BUS system for up to 18 channels and thus applicable from mini helicopters to large scale models.

Normal PWM output:
The outputs of the 3 PWM servo channels can be assigned to the outputs Port 1 and 2 in 11 groups, which means that output assignment - largely free - can be selected.

S.BUS output:
Up to 18 of the new programmable S.BUS servos or peripheral devices such as gyros, flybarless systems or speed controllers can be connected directly to this output.
  • Single supply line for all channels.

  • No cable clutter and less weight.
    Other standard servos can be connected to the receiver via S.BUS PWM adapters. Outputs Switchable to S.BUS and/or S.BUS2 protocol. It couldn't be simpler.

High Response:
Switchable output speed of the control pulses for digital servos, 6.3 ms instead of 16 ms, resulting in an even shorter response time.

antennas diversity:
The 2-antenna diversity system constantly checks the signal quality of both antenna inputs and switches quickly and seamlessly to the better input signal.

S.BUS2 devices or sensors can be connected via the S.BUS2 connection and up to 32 telemetry data sets can be transmitted. The transmitter integrated in the receiver transmits the telemetry data from the S.BUS2 connection to the FASSTest® transmitter, where it is displayed, announced or acoustically output.
Alternatively, the data can also be transmitted to a separate telemetry box.

External voltage measurement:
When the receiver is connected, data such as receiver battery voltage, external voltage (up to 70V DC) and antenna signal strength, i.e. the most important telemetry data, are automatically transmitted to the ground. To measure the external voltage (flight battery), the output port 2 is switched from servo operation to voltage measurement; an adapter cable is included in delivery.
The voltage connection is made via the optional connection cable "Extra Voltage" (B-Nr. 96403 / Futaba B-Nr.F1001100).

Wide voltage range from 3.7...7.4 V nominal voltage.
Note: When using 7.4 LiPo batteries as receiver batteries, the connected servos must also have the appropriate dielectric strength. The receiver has no internal limiter for the HV servo voltage.

Recommended accessories:
B-No. 96403 / Futaba B-No.F1001100 Connection cable "Extra Voltage" with fuse.

Only works with the following transmitters:
T14SG, FX-32 and T18MZ

Technical data

Channels 18
L/W/H [mm] 37,4/22,5/9,3
Weight [g] 7,2

Box Contents

- R7003SB 2.4 GHz, with integrated telemetry transmitter
- Adapter for "Extra Voltage" connection cable on port 2


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