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With the GRAUPNER HoTT 2.4 GHz technology, the receiver features a new hopping telemetry transmission radio frequency section with state-of-the-art components and state-of-the-art software. A hardware antenna diversity always switches to the better antenna signal for reception and always uses the antenna that was last used for transmission. This ensures that the return path data is transmitted via the better positioned antenna. The parameters receiver voltage and temperature as well as signal strength are transmitted without additional sensors.
The use of up to 75 channels ensures extreme operational reliability and is insensitive to external interference.
The wide receiver voltage range of 3.6 V - 8.4 V (functional up to 2.5 V) ensures full functionality even in the event of voltage fluctuations.
Two LEDs indicate the operating status.
The size and weight could be reduced.
The receiver input sensitivity and thus the range has been further increased.
Servo connections at the front
Fail-safe, hold, OFF and standard (channel 1 fail-safe, all other hold) programmable
Functions with SMART-BOX:
Programmable 3 mixers
Servo curves linear, degressive and exponential programmable
Summation signal programmable at channel 12 Output
Limitation and reversal of servo travels also possible in the receiver
Fail-safe, hold and OFF individually programmable for the servo channels
Warning thresholds for undervoltage, overtemperature and undertemperature programmable
Servotest function

HoTT- is the synthesis of know-how, engineering and worldwide tests by professional pilots. A 2.4 GHz system that points the way for the future of RC model making.
HoTT- Hopping Telemetry Transmission is safety with up to 75 channels
HoTT- uses frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. (FHSS)
HoTT- offers integrated telemetry in real time (expandable).
HoTT- is fully programmable with the help of the Smartbox.

System Features:
- Simple and extremely fast binding
- Range test and undervoltage warning function
- Extremely wide receiver operating voltage range from 3.6 V to 8.4 V (functional up to 2.5 V)
- Failsafe, free channel mapping
- Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (max. 32 channels)
- Up to 4 servos can be controlled simultaneously in blocks with a servo cycle time of 10 ms (Digital servos only!)
- Maximum noise immunity due to optimized frequency hopping and wide channel spread
- Extremely fast rebinding, even at maximum distance
- Telemetry evaluation in real time
- Future-proof due to update capability via USB interface

Technical data

Channels 8
L/W/H [mm] 46/21/14
Weight [g] 12

Box Contents

- Original product "delivered loose

Graupner, based in Kirchheim, Germany, was founded by the family Graupner and, up until March 2013, operated under the third Graupner generation from Stefan Graupner. In March 2013, the company was purchased by the manufacturer of Graupner HoTT RC Transmitter Systems. Graupner covers a large RC assortment including RC Cars and Trucks (GM), Helicopters, Airplanes, RC Electronics (HoTT 2,4GHZ), Chargers, RC Glow-Powered Motors (OS) as well as a large variety of Electric-Powered Brushless Motors. Graupner supplies around 2000 retailers throughout the world.


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