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DUPLEX 2.4EX Receiver REX 12 Assist
Integrated telemetry: angle of rotation on 3-axis, G-Force, temperature
integrated ASSIST stabilisation system with stabilisation + heading hold + trainer mode
for surface models and multicopters
can output stabilized EX bus signal for e. g. CentralBoxes
integrated expander for up to 3 sensors
supported protocols: PPM, EXBUS, EX, EX,...
programmable functions of the slots
support direct entries
compact dimensions
32 bit processor
full reach
programmable via the device overview of the Duplex DC/DS transmitters and from JETI Studio via PC
Antennas with "blocking pot" to increase the input sensitivity (see picture)

You can find the device files required for setting from the transmitter (device overview) here under the "Downloads"tab. Please unpack these files and copy them to the "Device" folder of the station memory.

Technical Data:
Number of servo functions: up to 12
Number of EXT inputs: up to 3
Dimensions[mm]: 51x28x11
Weight[g] 24
Dimensions[mm] 51 x 28 x 11
Channels 12
Telemetry Yes, see above
Temperature range[°C] -10.... 85
Compatible protocols DUPLEX 2.4GHz EX, EX Bus, UDI
Antenna length[mm] 2 x 400
Voltage range[V] 3.2 - 8.4
Current consumption[mA] 30
Satellite receiver connection Yes
Output power[dBm] 15
Receiving sensitivity[dBm] -106
Power supply via MPX connector

Technical data

Channels 12
L/W/H [mm] 51/28/11
Weight [g] 24


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