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- Absorption 25 teeth
- Single-vehicle version
- Suitable for Absima, Savöx, Futaba, Bluebird, ThunderTiger, Spektrum
- Length 29 mm
- Color gunmetal

Technical data

Suitable for : Futaba
Material Aluminium
Hole spacing 16,5/20,5 mm
For servo Absima,Savöx,Futaba,Spektrum,TT,BB
Bore M3
Color gun metal
Toothing 25Z
Länge (mm) 29
Durchmesser (mm) -
The company ABSIMA was founded in September 2011 in Nürnberg, Germany. As exclusive dealer for Team C Racing in Europe, Absima is one of the leaders in the RC Car industry worldwide. Absima offers a large selection of Cars in 1:10 and 1:8 scale, as well as thousands of quality spare and tuning parts, RC transmitters, servos, speed controllers, electric and glow motors, battery packs, and RC boats. From Ready to Run beginner kits to competition RC models, Absima has you covered!


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