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The servo programmer HFP-30 (HiTEC Field Programmer) is used for programming/adjusting and testing HiTEC digital servos and convinces by its simple operation. It offers numerous functions on the large and easy-to-read LCD screen.
Suitable for the following HiTEC servos: HS-5XXX, 7XXX, HSB-9XXX and the new D series (except HS-59xx servos).

Programmable functions:
- Center and end point adjustment (180° function)
- Setting the direction of rotation (counterclockwise)
- Setting the dead zone (electronic "game")
- Setting the speed (servo can be made slower)
- Setting the soft start (servo runs slowly to its neutral position the first time it is switched on)
- Setting the Fail Safe Function
- Setting the overload protection (servo becomes "soft" when overloaded for too long, this prevents burning out in the worst case)
- Save or load settings
- Reset to factory settings
Operating voltage 4.8 - 8.4V, depending on servo type

A must for every HiTEC-Servo owner!


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